0nceAgain Publish time 2015-4-21 08:30:59

Achievements not working

the following achievements that were put in with this update are not working: "first in arena", "collect 5 wind demons", "summon equipment from shards". Proly more, but those are the only ones I have confirmed as not working sofar.

hau5 Publish time 2015-4-21 10:06:13

the purge ticket achievements don't work for me

Eqwi Publish time 2015-4-21 11:16:57

not sure about some of these but it appears they don't work too: "1 demon card complete equipment" "highest damage to raid boss"

0nceAgain Publish time 2015-4-21 20:57:38

For the one demon card complete equipment one I just had to remove my demon's gear then re equip it eqwi.

Eqwi Publish time 2015-4-21 23:23:50

ok, that makes sense. Thanks

Solear Publish time 2015-4-23 13:44:12

Same here, since this morning, Achievements stuck in the screen below. All else seems to be fine.. When I tap the button, it just drops an errkr that it cannot connect to the server..


FlightTribe Publish time 2015-4-23 14:09:22

The empty box thing is an annoying one and we're looking into that oddness right now.

1429358498luQU2m Publish time 2015-4-23 19:12:51

Good job guys. As I managed a Mmorpg-freeshard for many years I know what kind of work this is! keep going!

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-4-24 13:16:24

Hi all.

The empty box issue should now be fixed for you  :)


VegasBlues Publish time 2015-4-24 19:38:28

Thanks Flight.  I sent a ticket in for that a few days ago and gave you as much info on it as I could figure out.

seems to be corrected for me now.  appreciated.
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