0nceAgain Publish time 2015-4-22 04:27:15

Golden dragon evolution.

The golden dragon requires more shards to evolve than other demons, is this intentional?

Eqwi Publish time 2015-4-22 10:32:35

I guess. And they cost 5 times more than regular shards. The dragon skill and everything doesn't look very promising too, so I'd say it's a waste of money. It's cute though

Langevine Publish time 2015-4-22 13:05:49

While we are on that, what do you guys think of end game monsters such as Miz, Sytri, Paimon, Satan,...etc? Th  Do any of then worth collecting considering their skills and stats?

Publish time 2015-4-22 16:26:03

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