hau5 Publish time 2015-4-23 13:22:27

Is getting satan worth it?

Was just looking at fury skills of all demons and I noticed satans looks pretty op, the tooltip is a little vague though, says  " curse a single target for 200% dmg every rounds causing ongoing damage to entiire team for 2 rounds" combine that with 55 starting fury and +7% attack leader power

He seems like the strongest demon and can only farm him in one spot.

Can anyone confirm? Dont want to waste time farming him because of bad tooltip lol

Langevine Publish time 2015-4-23 15:33:32

Sounds too good to be true. 200% damage every round alone is overpowering.

hau5 Publish time 2015-4-23 21:13:32

ok well I tried to see what he did in the dungeon. I have anki's archer and usually I save his fury power to one hit KO the boss but I didn't this time and from what I can tell, he doesn't have 55 starting fury and the way his fury power works is he will do a normal dmg and curse one minion and then next two turns the curse will do massive damage to other minions in your party.

Apie Publish time 2015-6-8 15:09:14

Ive seen this card in action for the past 7 days in the pvp arena.
The active skill on this card is insane (and probably needs a nerf). when skilled up the initial damage on target can be 460% or more, but that is not the ouch part. When it is the target's turn, the dot will one shot the rest of your team. No joke.
In pvp there is no card stronger than this one

Apie Publish time 2015-6-8 21:53:18

Went up against a gold dragon for the first time, this card might be stronger if u have the money for it

Jesttic Publish time 2015-6-9 04:17:19

He is insane, I've gone up against him and 3 of my cards are dead on the second round. Impossible to stop him if the player has him in the first spot. Over powered in my opinion.

hau5 Publish time 2015-6-9 12:41:29

Which server are you guys on? I have him farmed and 5* now haha, might be me your facing against. at lvl 51 his skill does 600% dmg. He does have a weird bug though where if he dies he will damage one of my other minions. kind of like nebarius ice burn but to my own team.

Jesttic Publish time 2015-6-9 12:49:47

Guy on my server has him purple, he needs a nerf :)

Apie Publish time 2015-6-9 13:19:13

Which server are you guys on? I have him farmed and 5* now haha, might be me your facing against.

If you are KIWI on Bloodshed, then yes, I wish you had no wifi for the rest of ur life!!!

hau5 Publish time 2015-6-9 18:36:43

Nah, I'm Navarres on bloodshed
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