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NEW: Good 'deed' feed

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Communication is only valuable if you share both sides of the coin.

What I therefore suggest is that this thread is used to highlight new or existing features, one offs, and similar that have been introduced in the game by SpicyHorse. If we could follow a format for new additions so that it's easy to read, that would be great :)

Feature: Augment Island
Reasons: I think it added fun and interest to the game. It makes Island farming more useful and viable even when not doing the event. Also makes disciples better imo because you can keep them for longer.

Feature: Double Event
Reasons: Super useful to be able to farm a card from bosses, and shards from island. Big fan of this personally - wish every event was a double. It's great for DB for casuals, augment stone/crystal farming for those not interested in event, and of course, for those wanting to do event. (in an ideal world gives maximum opportunity for devs to experiment with leaderboard tiers and ep/raid boss shard rewards as well).

Feature: New Evo System
Reasons: Super useful! Sometimes we want to develop cards before we have 8, especially considering how long it takes to find 8 in arena/mare with the new additions. Means we get to use cards sooner + train skills, equip items, and augment without feeling stupid :D

Feature: The List of Listening
Reasons: Players wanted more communication with SH and the feeling they were being listened to. This ticks a lot of those boxes for me, and is just a good place for players to see whats happening. I also suspect it will be a good point of mediation to avoid explosive situations like 'cooldowngate'.
Similarly, if you want to thank any of the team for good customer service, or forum users for continued helpful responses etc, this is the place to do it.

voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-4-29 05:00:27

Trully like this post that is a positive attitude ! It is more or less the same thing about my suggestion : as complain tickets, i would like to see congrats tickets

Belzial Publish time 2015-4-29 05:29:52

voeuxpieux replied at 2015-4-28 21:00 static/image/common/back.gif
Trully like this post that is a positive attitude ! It is more or less the same thing about my sugge ...

Agreed to your suggestion then :D I sent a congrats ticket once - i think everyone involved ended up a little confused.

I specifically chose the forum as the platform for this thread, just so everyone has access and input, and the whole community (myself included ^__^;;;) can be reminded of the things in game that have been beneficial

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-4-29 06:12:31

voeuxpieux replied at 2015-4-29 05:00 static/image/common/back.gif
Trully like this post that is a positive attitude ! It is more or less the same thing about my sugge ...

I agree, I was thinking of creating a thread like this, but didn't want to make it seem like a circlejerk for SH.

Things I enjoy that they've implemented: easier access to SR and UR cards. Before 1.95, it was much more difficult to get SR, much less UR cards, but now it's cake and they even give you x8 of a card before you finish lvl 10 (I think).

Another thing, I'm enjoying the Steam app and really hope against hope that they can bring out the devil's cache so I can become a paid player there.

Belzial Publish time 2015-4-29 17:57:38

The rings :D

For those of you that don't read the List of Listening: Status: We are planning... whenever Rings are an advantage item, there will be 2x rings in the Summon Box - each giving only a 15% EP bonus. (4/29)

+1 Belz point to SH :D

Belzial Publish time 2015-4-30 00:28:15

Reasons: great to see SH (tokay in particular) taking the time to get involved here this week. I assume that the visibility of this will drop as more of the List gets tackled, but its really good so far, and much more positive :D

voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-5-8 14:16:30

Spira replied at 2015-5-8 04:24 static/image/common/back.gif
The only actual thing i can complain about in the game is the overwhelming shards on shops, taking a ...
This  is a congrats / well done / joice topic. Next time please make your complain in the right place ;-) like raging or hell wish list :-) thanks a lot Spira ;-)

Spira Publish time 2015-5-8 16:11:53

Well i understand your point of view... the forum passed by a rough time with so much negativity and comparing to what it's now it's far better.
It was by far my intention to bring that negativity up. I should've explained better what i was trying to say. :(

I am going to do it now...
I tried to say the game is good as is at the moment and i know you guys have a lot things planned already for this month. When guilds come, probably that soul coins thing and many others small things will be fixed/reviewed in time to make this game even better. I am waiting and making my daily routine as usual because i trust you as company to bring us the best content you can.
I want you guys to know SH team is on my heart. Hope you guys have time and resources to make the game better. And i know every developer is proud of a good job :)

And you guys are on the right way.

Straw Man Publish time 2015-5-8 16:23:37

Item: Release of information

Appreciate SH releasing enough about guilds to let us plan ahead and have something to talk about.

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-5-14 14:53:25

Props to their new disciple, it's finally a fire with fear! Rejoice, for the prayers of the hell spawn have been answered!
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