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Request for Help - Game Description

Hey Guys, wondering if someone can help me out here...

Since we published The Gate to Steam, we're getting quite a large number of people writing negative reviews - complaining about the 'energy system' and P2W aspects of the game. Now, I know these things ARE in there, but I also don't think things are as bad as these reviewers are making them out to be.

Here's what I would like to ask: Is there one of you, a long-term player, who would be willing to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and write a "by the players" game description that we can use with the game on Steam?

Now... we DO NOT want this to be a fawning, dishonest, shill piece. It needs to be honest - even brutally so - when it comes to negative aspects of the game. But I would also hope that it fairly highlights the positive elements of the game.

All of this would be presented as "a balanced introduction by a long-term player of the game" ...

Do you guys think this is a bad idea? Is there somone among you who would be willing to help here?


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Good idea. I will try but. But perhaps another player can do it too because my english is poor...

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Haha ! Officially one year playing in the game this week… but in real 1 year and a half ! At the beginning The Gate was a back-up when my others online game where off… and day after day I went to get more and more active in game and in community!

And The Gate is a pretty new game, building step by step a huge, enormous strategy game. I remember when Spicy Horse presented this as a card game… well… wrong in a lot of aspect. The Gate is a resource strategy game, more and more: time, money, equipment, cards, soul coins, devil blood, shards… Collecting and spending with fun and wisely the resources is the key here. Choosing between a diversified or a specialist strategies: they are all goods. I have friends that don’t use elementary boost despite they are really powerful and prefer to have versatile teams and boost. My side I’m a wind specialist with earth and water back-up (I don’t do fire, not enough time nor resources and the fire style does not sweet to me lol). Whatever you choose, the roads are good. The fact is that big and old players find and test new strategies even after one year of playing: the game balance is good and combos are really available.

The Gate is a long term game… With good advices you can begin to have a good team after 3 months but you are not being bored during those 3 months: too many things must be tested and discovered. And the community is great: a lot of help everywhere. After 3 months, you have enough experience of the game to choose what you really want to have fun : aoe bomb strategy, elemental specialist, self-sacrifice strategy, tankers, traps… anyway after 3 months you will want to see more and more about that.

I played around 6 months as a free player and then began to invest a bit of money. That is reasonable. Some purchase are really stupidly overprices but some are very good. I like the “pay to play” and not the “pay to buy”. Both are available in The Gate. And this game has a good way to “thanks” long term buying players with the royalty system. At first view, the royalty system seems a bit empty but cumulating the advantages after 3 or more months makes a good difference. Any way : the game is fun for non-payers as for payers IMHO.

Ok, let’s go to be serious now. What I Like :

1.       Now we can really do both resource strategy and fight strategy because a lot of cards are available in each element.

2.       You can play segments by of 1 minute if you need: that is really really good (for children care especially lol). You are not stuck to your PC for 15 minutes.  And the game minimum play per day is around 15 minutes: for holydays or hard working days it is really good. Basically you can play 1 or 2 hours a day if you want… The energy system is really good for that. In fact the energy system is nice and well balanced.

3.       The pay to play aspect of the game and the royalty system that does not exist in many other games

4.       The pictures of cards and 3D animation are incredible for this sort of game. Really Nice.

5.       The diversity of the skills (I hope we will have more and more héhé)

6.       The different way to make a card become powerful (items, augments, devil blood, boost, etc.)

7.       The Spicy Horses Team that do great jobs and try to ear at most the community even with a rage section in the official forum

8.       The game is still alive after 2 years with new patch and functionality coming. Haha Guild is coming!!!

What I don’t like… well as any game… there is some bad aspects :

1.       The pay to buy… if the game could get ride off that is would be soo good.

2.       Some bugs in the item skills (not in the cards skills) that seems to be persistent and hard to debugg.

3.       They could have done 4 Wold Boss and not only a fire one with random popup.

4.       They could have make elemental maps where some elemental cards could not fight

5.       The Devil Blood must be balance for HP but I have heard that it will be done soon.

6.       Some other little things…

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voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-4-30 03:06:27

Hey Chris... dont forget all the other benefits of royalties : Soul coins and skills slots are the best IMHO but the other multiplicators are not bad especially the virago one once you reach level 10. Multiply the dailly bonus per 90 days and look what you can offer yourself with it.

As i said i dont like pay to buy so i m happy that the price of cards are so high in royalty :-) sorry ;-)

chrisii20090 Publish time 2015-4-30 06:02:45

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