chrisii20090 Publish time 2015-5-1 23:31:30


Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-5-2 04:38:03

UGH, I (don't) hate your infernal guts right now. I thought that this was an official countdown to guilds. The unofficial count is -36 days til guilds.

chrisii20090 Publish time 2015-5-2 17:44:47

chrisii20090 Publish time 2015-5-3 15:49:52

voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-5-3 16:57:49

We will see :-) As said Tokai and Flight Tribe, all depends of Dena and apple :)

chrisii20090 Publish time 2015-5-3 18:07:44

Aethelred42 Publish time 2015-5-4 00:53:26

They've done their part. Huzzah! Looking forward to whatever it brings. And I'm going to keep in mind, regardless of any hopes, speculation, or expectations - it'll bring something new to do and can be fun in whatever form. The Gate will always be a work in progress.

garzos Publish time 2015-5-4 01:23:10

do we know if guilds will have new cards that you can get only from guilds?

Feanyar Publish time 2015-5-4 01:26:06

Supposedly, guilds will contain some sort of "gameplay" that will allow you to farm the mats to reach augment +15. Beyond that? No idea.
Personally, I hope they finally bring back some of the older arena-monthly URs. Except WWWB, none of em have made it into shops yet.

chrisii20090 Publish time 2015-5-4 03:07:27

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