Belzial Publish time 2015-5-8 03:23:57

Hellping Hands

See what I did there? ;)

This thread is for spreadsheets and similar that help players get the most out of their time in The Gate.

If you have created something new, please feel free to contribute to the list. The only requirement is that you give brief idea of what your tool actually does.

Belzial Publish time 2015-5-8 03:32:04 - THE first word in Gate spreadsheets. Shikao's tool covers all the bases from disciples to augments and skills. Also has a host of useful links. - my very own item database. Stats, costs, skills and upgrade options for all end-game equipment in The Gate. - disciple and team builder. See how different augment, blood, and items will affect your disciples, or build your perfect team.
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