jaimelirol Publish time 2015-5-10 05:08:15

Is there a list of good cards?

Im wondering if there's a list of the best cards that i should aim for or that doesnt matter and any card is good

hau5 Publish time 2015-5-12 00:15:20

depends what you want to be successful in, some cards better for raid, others are better for pvp, some cards are strong all round like enkis. You really just have to look through all the demons in the game and see, wiki is not as updated but you can check there too.

Solear Publish time 2015-5-12 03:25:27

Edited by Solear at 2015-5-11 20:55

Ye. Sort o what hau5 said..

My pack is fairly good at PvE, I had no issue with it, however I met with combos of cards in PvP that were beating me even with -50000 less power.. Depends on what you want to do..

At the moment I was aiming to have a lof of healers in the pack, however I think it would be a better decision to build a pack with webbers, freezers etc.. Just an idea..

Also if you have not seen it yet in this thread there goes some strategizing about cards and what could be good / seems to be good at later levels:

It looks my thought about stunlock > group heal is confirmed..

hau5 Publish time 2015-5-12 22:13:43

A lot of top players still seem to be going pure damage route with enki's/zerker/double dmg gambit fire guy. A lot of people use eate's hammer in pvp too which he is very strong counter to other damage teams but his raid is not very strong at all. Prince ekek is very strong raid but he is not strong yet because my server isn't even close to killing raid bosses yet.

I've started a more balanced group now though with:
enki - pure damage
naberius - damage / crowd control
squall - minor healing / pure tank
satan - damage over time / leader skills
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