VegasBlues Publish time 2015-5-15 20:53:44

Deck design

So I have come over from The Gate.  Figured I would have a crack at CoD and so far its pretty good.

I do have a question... in The Gate, generally decks are designed with element synergy in mind.  For example, 4x wind cards in a deck, or 4x liquid.. etc.

I came into this game thinking the same thing, but after looking at the top ranked players in arena and such, it seems most/all decks are rainbow with 1 of each element.

Just wondering if there is a reason for that.. or it is just due to the cards that have been given out as promo/events and players have gone that route until they make full 4x element decks over time..

Solear Publish time 2015-5-16 04:59:31

Well, I'm not there yet, but here you get different cards at different levels / locations, and takes quite a while to level them up and stuff. My guess would be that either they have invested much into those cards and would cost much to train up another card, or the element is secondary when it comes to choose, the first one is the special skilll eg. they are building decks with full stun, or full heal etc.

Also if you saw it in PvP then you can presume that the enemy will also be rainbow, therefore if you have uni element deck you might hit less in pvp. (unlike raid, where uni element decks rule, however raid rewards are not really well designed atm I think..)

d3an Publish time 2015-6-7 04:35:13

RE: Deck design

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Some cards have a passive skl boost to that element. If you have a deck with more than one of that element it'll be stronger because of the support. An all color deck with just one passive boost can be beast. I  am working on one all color and it'll be killer. Passive skills are important. Lead skl is good but don't base a deck on lead skl alone. Find the combination you want be comparing pass skl and then find the lead skl after that. If you want high atk/dmg/crit boost fire and wind have more to offer. Then, for hp/def/healing earth and water have more to offer as well. There are cards that are have atk boost skills and healing etc etc.
Upu just have to find what kind of deck you want be researching cards. If you don't have shard you can go in tap on the blacked out shards in the demon library bu going to your deck and tapping all demons. If you don't have the shard and it is 2* it will still show the lead and pass skls. But I wouldn't bother with too many 2*

d3an Publish time 2015-6-7 04:51:42

Here is orias for example. His pass skls and active are
Amazing but his lead is not good in a rainbow deck. Some cards might not have high stats but the skls are so good at boosting or whatever, and it's actually strong than another card in the deck that high pwr than it has.
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