Dubhai Publish time 2015-6-1 05:33:01

The Ritual

I have a few questions regarding this event
1. How long will this event last
2. what are the awards for 1-3 place
3. What are the rewards for  the over all top 10

Jehannum Publish time 2015-6-2 01:16:57

At the time of this post there are 12 hours and 43 minutes left in this event.
Click "The Ritual" icon on your Home screen and it will show event time, the next Double Coin time and how long you have left to spend those coins.

ifirewall Publish time 2015-6-2 18:02:15

Rewards are same)

RatishaPorf Publish time 2015-6-2 19:48:58

Third place award of analogous second

Jehannum Publish time 2015-6-3 00:28:48

I have to settle for 25th :(

Dubhai Publish time 2015-6-3 06:42:31

Damn i almost made top 10 in overall. i PLaced 13th

Dubhai Publish time 2015-6-3 08:46:16

Well i got 1 champion card and 2x 4 star equipement card so im happy

d3an Publish time 2015-6-3 14:41:25

Landed at 26 but i aint even mad because i got some equipment i needed and a Valac i was farming for, so i have 42 shards in prep work. So happy~ :loveliness:

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-6-3 14:48:04

So it's safe to say you all enjoy The Ritual event?

d3an Publish time 2015-6-3 14:57:10

FlightTribe replied at 2015-6-3 14:48 static/image/common/back.gif
So it's safe to say you all enjoy The Ritual event?

definitely! i was getting perks for doing what i normally do in ig and I am sure it helped a lot of new players progress and keep with it with out giving up. very progressive and generous~ {:3_59:}
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