diudiuz Publish time 2015-6-4 14:23:11

Isla Mare and Discipline strength

I gotta problem I'd like to help get solved.

I'm currently running an awesome Wind team (NM Befa with 1M HP and 40k DPS, FA and FC) which can clear out IM every single day with simple strategy (kill Fear and/or elemental buffers first, then fast-forward). It's easy to accumulate Virago and Marestones.

I got a bunch of cards I'm thinking of Nightmare evolving: WWWB, Mortesuka, Abyss Brood, Jahi and Rimmon. But none of those cards contribute THAT much to the current trio that I'm hesitant to give them the "purple frame". Will the difficulty in IM bump significantly if I NM any or some of those cards and level up to 30?

Progression in all games is essential, and I'd like to progress. But I don't want to end up in the trap many here have noted about: having too powerful foes in IM will stagnate the accumulation of Virago/Marestones.

So how is the "difficulty level" calculated? Is it certain number of your most powerful cards, a "net sum" of ALL cards in your deck or something more obscure in between? Will IM get easier if I wipe out all the useless lvl25 SR cards in my deck ? I got almost all of those in my collection (only Orocas and CC missing iirc). Will their removal "negate" the effect of evolving fourth/fifth/sixth card thus (potentially) increasing the difficulty?

Some of this may already been answered, but the links provided in the old Laserman's pinned post are obsolete (mods fix them pls!!)

And sorry for the bombardment of questions yet again! XD

Spira Publish time 2015-6-4 18:36:58

If you want to know exactly how power level is calculated... many have tried to shoot theories but it's still uncertain.

From my experience i believe your "power level" consists on the average of your best 4 cards (or at least those 4 the game thinks are stronger). You can check which are them by simply using the "auto select" on Arena. The IM difficulty increases based on those 4 disciple stats, so everything that boost them up, might set you up against stronger opponents.

Trashing the other cards will result in just one thing: Inventory slots.

Nech Publish time 2015-6-4 21:39:08

Auto select doesn't choose your best card. My auto select keep skipping my befa that has a dps 4x of any other cards.
If you want to nm something, I would go with wwwb, since a 2nd ds is nice for wb.
My mare team is befa, fa, fc, wwwb 30, I also have nybras, diao, clord 30. I forgot when was my last hard mare, I just had to skill up invincible when befa went over 40k.
Mare difficult never decrease, even if you trash your main deck.

Spira Publish time 2015-6-5 00:45:18

Auto select doesn't choose your best card.
That's true because it prioritizes the card level over stats, and i really don't know how the game finds the "strongest" cards on auto select if we talk about same levels (no, stats might be irrelevant).
In fact, the 4 cards of the auto select might not be your actually best cards, but it's what the game "think" are the strongest.

Many players have improved one of those 4 cards and saw a distinct IM increased difficulty, using them or not on the team.

MacCabe Publish time 2015-6-5 16:13:16

isla mare is almost impossible for me to solve. I am holding off NM any of my deck. but still I had to go against a level 30 full of level3 equipment... stongest deck is 2x UR, FA, 1x SR  all level 25 .. even 1x revive could just win that match but then all my strongest card were gone. would be nice if one could get some advice on how to conquer IM if your strongest cards cannot survive the first match...

Webby Publish time 2015-6-5 19:59:33

MacCabe replied at 2015-6-5 15:13 static/image/common/back.gif
isla mare is almost impossible for me to solve. I am holding off NM any of my deck. but still I had  ...

I'm confused are you saying you are meeting lv30 cards gold equipment on your first island of IM with a only a lv25 team that has an SR in it?

Are you gold equipped up?

Are you Augmented (if so what level) ?

If not something is very strange here.....  PS you do know when you start dying in IM...just quit the game...and restart to avoid loss of your main team members right?

diudiuz Publish time 2015-6-5 21:23:26

Yeah. If things get sour during fight, just hit quit and try again adapting your deck, skills and tactics to fit better to the fight. I dunno if it's cheating but it's baked in the IM system so I wouldn't call it exploiting...

Spira Publish time 2015-6-6 04:17:43

He probably have them fully DB'ed, with good gear or something, and the system tries to place him with similar team stats (NE cards with low level gear).
If you are holding on NE them, and still facing many NE teams that make your IM really bad, you probably should start thinking about evolving them.
I can still remember that phase was quite hard but once you have your team with their final evolutions it will become a bit easier then (Just try to have a balance on your team and you'll be okay. I don't recommend leveling up just one card to 30 and the rest still unevolved.)

Just... plan ahead a think carefully about it. Also i wouldn't recommend you evolving the SR... it can be easily replaced and making your resources wasted...

MacCabe Publish time 2015-6-6 10:30:43

Edited by MacCabe at 2015-6-6 11:11

Hi again.
my best team has Magm lv25 gold weapon but all other 2star equip, FA 25 two star equip, the new prince vas lv 25 two star eqip and nero G F lv25, nero, FA and magm fairly well skilled (8+) and the prince vass mid range4-7 skills , not a single card more than 200k HP. first deck against me yesterday was prince Chax lv 30 all silver equip with more HP than my entire team plus some lv20 - lv25 (cant remember exactly which I think FA25, Queen Succ lv20 and a healer lv25). before I could even kill lv30 even with 2x fear most of my team was gone.

MacCabe Publish time 2015-6-6 10:34:46

Edited by MacCabe at 2015-6-6 11:13

augment to max +3 I want to add.
Yes I have put all the DB I got out of the event that brought me the prince x8 plus 300 gold worth into that card to make him a bit stronger before evolving him (2x so far)
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