Zaarongvcd Publish time 2015-6-7 21:44:41

finding rend for augmenting

What is the quickest or best method to farm Rend for augmenting ?

PyongYunks Publish time 2015-6-7 22:39:42

Hi aaron. You will get one Rend for any fight you win on any level OTHER THAN THE BOSS LEVEL in normal-mode. My personal strategy is to fight the Nilos level in Helzapop again and again until I have all the Rend I need. It only costs 5 Hope and that level gives you the most possible experience points in Helzapop (other than the Boss levels of course). Hope that helps.

ichigekiBG Publish time 2015-6-7 23:01:32

yes,i also farm Rend from Nilos in HE-ELZAPOP

ichigekiBG Publish time 2015-6-7 23:52:52

Does someone know from where to farm shards for my FA?

Jason27104 Publish time 2015-6-8 00:03:03

FA is a random raid boss spawned in subtyranny. The best strategy to get her to spawn is to fight 5 bosses in Nilos, then the sixth in subtyranny to get a raid boss to spawn. This way every time you spawn a raid boss it is from subtyranny and had a chance to be a FA. If you lose track just fight until you spawn a raid boss. Then you will know it is 6 more fights until the next spawn.  Remember that you can only have two raid bosses active at once. So if you spawn 2 kill one or both before trying to spawn more.

Nech Publish time 2015-6-8 04:55:41

I prefer primo rather than nilos, faster, good amount of r2 feeder, less exp (no longer important as before, but still good to avoid harder raid).

Zaarongvcd Publish time 2015-6-8 13:16:16

Thanks. I was wondering if keeping to he-elzapop was the best or there was a benefit to farming elsewhere that wasn't obvious.

Damn, no secret farming tips :)

Seriously tho, thanks for answers.

Jason27104 Publish time 2015-6-8 13:35:41

Well if you want FA shards you can only get them from FA which only spawns in subtyranny. So there is a reason to fight in subtyranny.  

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-6-9 01:34:57

PyongYunks replied at 2015-6-7 22:39 static/image/common/back.gif
Hi aaron. You will get one Rend for any fight you win on any level OTHER THAN THE BOSS LEVEL in norm ...

I farm that spot too for Raid bosses since it takes 6 fights to spawn one raid boss, so it's only 30 Hope.
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