Ryiah Publish time 2015-6-8 15:56:55

Best way to distribute....

...skill points on cards?

Should they progress equally or should I concentrate on the main demon?

Apie Publish time 2015-6-8 21:57:59

Depends on ur cards.
For some cards u don't need to spend any points on skill for the required effect. Enki i think is an example of this, I don't think enki ever misses.
Naberius seems to hit 95% with lvl 30 skill
I don't think points are needed for ozgin but don't use that so I'm not sure. Let us know what u have

Ryiah Publish time 2015-6-9 03:16:42

Berserker' is my main. I'm also using Pr Ekek (changing to Queen Tefut though), Mephisto and Naberius but I'm about to switch him to Pr Stolas I think.

Apie Publish time 2015-6-11 23:30:52

Apologies for late reply
Berserkers skill is not as strong as it used to be, the damage over time was nerfed. Ekek skill is not that good either.  Never seen tefut in action but that skill looks horrible.
Skill up mephist, naberious as well to about 30.
Never seen stolas in action but I don't think he is anywhere close to being as strong as naberious
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