Madecasol357 Publish time 2015-6-11 13:23:48

Event result of "Revenge of Terasaur" (06/04 ~ 06/11)

It was the sceond Double event next to WWWB, combination with Raid boss(Total 8 card resard) and Island(total 38 face shards and 50 gold equipment shards).

* Raid boss event ranking (score basis)

1st                             -                    44,170
2nd                            -                    38,284
3rd                             -                    37,405


50th                            -                    19,630
(Full 8 of all card reward score. Congratulations!)

As someone expacted, It was tougher and more competitive event than WWWB event for Raid boss score, and It's difference of score gap is about 5,000 point comparing final 50th's score.

* Event Island ranking (EP basis)

1st                               -                    250,195 EP
(Full 50 of gold equipment shards and 38 of face shards EP, Congratulations!)

2nd                              -                    203,980 EP
(Full 38 of face shards EP, Congratulatios!)
3rd                               -                    158,675 EP

50th                             -                     102,170 EP
(Congratulatons for.... get in 50th...! :D)

I'm at 16th in Raid boss event and spent about 10,600 gold! (5,000 for Adv equipment, 3800 for pushing Create boss button :D, and 1800 for 20 hope pack)

Hope this thread help you to refer next events.

diudiuz Publish time 2015-6-11 19:01:33

I would've managed to get in top50, but decided to pass out and slept for 11 HOURS last night, lol. It was an epic sleep, and I ended up to at 60-something position :P No hard feeling as I'm only one Tera short :)
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