LightPower Publish time 2015-6-11 17:27:40


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Hello my tormented souls. I opened a guild called Creepers for all daily active players who want to have fun. If you would like to join send me PM here on forum. Players from Kongregate have the advantage of getting in first. My ingame name is LightPower, level 50 and im a kong player. I like long walks on the beach with my succubus and having BBQ with some fresh noob meat...  

LightPower Publish time 2015-6-11 18:32:13

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Our Guild is lvl up fast. We have some strong players. You are invited! We are curenttly full but with each lvl we can add new players. So dont give up the hope! : )

LightPower Publish time 2015-6-11 21:29:15

Our new guild Archfiends are Nechromanthys and Alpateam. You can consult them for entering our no. 1 guild on the Gate. :loveliness:

alpateam Publish time 2015-6-12 02:46:38

We have a sheet where you can apply. This is to help us remember who is who.

Vecinuldedeasupra Publish time 2015-6-13 05:28:29

This guild is mainly for kong chat players(, and if you plan to join don't try to create an kong user just for joining since will not help. I tried this and I was flagged initially as a cheater.... I explained everything and it is ok now, but kong chat players have a bigger priority(my ing is vecinulnea and you will see( that I don't have any priority number)

LightPower Publish time 2015-6-14 01:25:55

We proudly announce that we are now level 6. :D

LightPower Publish time 2015-6-14 02:52:44

If you would like to join the best Guild in hell "Creepers" you can contact our Archfiends:
- Nech
- alpateam1
- shinryoshy761
- Feanyar

I repeat we are Kongregate players, so thoose who play on kong have the advantage getting in first. We have a waitting list so maybe it will take a while to get in but dont give up the hope. :D

voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-6-15 04:59:26

Strong guild to compete !:) i hope we will have soon guild wars :-)

Nech Publish time 2015-6-15 06:07:17

I hope we'll see soon the 4th boss :lol

Feanyar Publish time 2015-6-16 01:39:36

Edited by Feanyar at 2015-6-15 18:42

Finally overcame the hurdle of the bugged Queen Vortex with a coordinated attack to abuse and trick her bugged mechanics - avoiding the endless healing. :P
4th and 5th boss are unlocked now - putting chary-shards in out reach! :lol

BTW @ SH-debuggin-team:
She's still bugged after kill and reset. Well, at least now we have a strat how to handle the bug.
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