ardonemis Publish time 2015-6-11 20:31:51

No worries, yes, the evolve percentage changed with Update, but same stats.

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Hi all

I have evolved my Terasaur with the cards from the Event. But the percentage looked not correct (not like before) in my opinion.
Then i purchased my second Queen Lamia, evolved as per the new rules, two level 1 lamias, but got only 53% of bonus.
I am quite shure, that in the past, the percentage was always arround 60% (66 - 61%)

What happened ? has the overall percentage been reduced on purpose? Whent somthing wrong with the upgrade so that parameters are set diffrently now?

Can someone help me?
Thank you

PS: Just realized after posting, that this post maybe should not be here.. in the Announcement post. Dont know how to moove it somwhere else. Sorry folks.

Belzial Publish time 2015-6-11 20:41:19

I believe it's simply a display fix.
The ~60% applied only to health. Tera still gets his normal % boost to health.

The new lower figure takes into account the % boost to is other stats as well (45ish if i remember right), so the displayed % now looks lower

Jason27104 Publish time 2015-6-11 20:45:54

NE still fixed everything right?

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-6-12 10:32:17

Looks like everything is ok from our end.

Y'all should start accepting 53% as the new evolve % and be safe in the knowledge that stats have not changed   :)

ardonemis Publish time 2015-6-12 15:42:48

Thank you very much.
Have a good day.

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