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*Forsaken* official guild post

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Hello to all interested!

Understand that we are a high power guild with some of the games top players. We aim to be competitive and have the firepower to back it up! Most are royalty 10+

To apply, first know that we are mature, dignant and look after each other like family! We believe in having fun to the absolute fullest! To be part of our family, you must be high level, a good royalty (ie: at least a light spender) be able to hold your own in arena and isla mare, and most of all, be mature, friendly and a sensible. We are like family afterall :D

Also, we use the "LINE" app to communicate all things the gate, so use of this app is mandatory. All you need to do is download the app and add one of the below ID's to contact us. We can get you in chat and get you in the guild. Most times, LINE is more fun than the game itself. It's where we cut up, bond, and talk strategy etc.
ID's are:

IGN Duelcool
Line ID michaelsistrunk

IGN huntthegate
Line ID redcatredcat

IGN Aethelred42
Line ID Dustydog42

IGN Belzial
Line ID Belzial

IGN Feastonfools
Line ID jonwebb

With these contacts, we have all timezones covered, so someone can always assist you :)

So for those of you who don't fit our in game requirements yet, but more than want to be part of our brotherhood. Still you can download line to contact us and we can add you too our separate chat group which is just titled the gate. Here you can get to know us and if needed, we can help you develop as a player, so you can become the powerhouse you want to be and finally become *Forsaken*

So now we ask, do you have what it takes to forsake all others, pick up your arms and join the brotherhood known as Forsaken! Together we will decimate all!  We are *FORSAKEN*

Duelcool Publish time 2015-6-12 01:28:19

Also, if help is needed, you can respond here and we can assist asap :P

CORREXTOR Publish time 2015-6-12 11:12:24

This is definitely the POWER HOUSE of WHO is WHO in the game... I hope ONE day to get to that level

merynosu Publish time 2015-6-12 11:30:30

Hy duelcool y wanna join your guild there's some free slots?

King_Belial Publish time 2015-6-12 15:01:17

I wanna join either... i have returned :)

Zaarongvcd Publish time 2015-6-12 22:44:51

Will download line app as advised.

Thanks, great bunch of players in this guild, very excited.:D

Zaarongvcd Publish time 2015-6-12 22:55:20

All contacts added, thanks guys.
Happy and ready to chat :)

Also thanks for PM guidance

Cloudwraith Publish time 2015-6-13 01:05:46

Installed Line and sent request to Duelcool.  Thanks :)

huntthegate Publish time 2015-6-13 01:15:58

Cloud and Aaron we will contact you soon.
Please do drop us a message on line after adding us so that we can get back to you.

Cloudwraith Publish time 2015-6-13 01:28:46

Appreciate the interview :)
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