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Free slot in a guild with level 50-60 players? (Mobile)

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Hello all,

I have deleted the guild that I have created, since no one joined and it seems that in this guild system you need very strong team to do anything. Sadly all the top guilds ask for big donations or high royalty level. So if there is a guild that needs a committed player that works well in teams, level 60 and decent cards (for a semi-free player, clears every day island and I am top 100 in arena daily) please feel free to contact; in game name for mobilegame is: vecinulnea

Thank you!

theCrazyKat Publish time 2015-9-16 15:12:47

You can join us, Gates of Mordor, lvl 12 guild.  We're open for every active, strong player.
We don't have huge requirements. Just donate as you can and battle the guild bosses everyday.

diudiuz Publish time 2015-9-16 15:15:44

7th Circle has no donation requirement and we got Bosses up to LuBu. No idea what guild lvl that is, I'm not participating except maybe once per week...
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