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Mercy Please! UR Face Shard via Raid Spawn

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Mercy please!

Tonight I had 4 Purson spawns in a row.  I have not had a Diao Chan spawn in days.  I have been trying for months to collect these shards and I am still only +6 atm.  As I (eventually) get another +1, I need a larger amount.

Between that and having to farm stupid amounts of Mineral from event island... it really is a bit much don't you think?  I have played a lot of games based around "grinding"... but sheesh.

Then you have an event week where its based around Raid boss spawns (Tera event), so I am paused on Diao farming for a week while i try for Tera spawns.

PLEASE put UR shards that need to be attained by random raid spawns into either fo the stores! For the grace of God please.

If you can't do that, please drastically increase the % chance for the UR cards to spawn over the lame ass SR cards.

*sobs quietly in corner*

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