oujou_whiteknights Publish time 2013-1-13 18:53:36

Words do not explain how much I love that you're not limiting the content to those who don't/can't pay and that it's not a Pay-to-Win either!!! I think I found my dream game!~ <3 ^^

svnhddbst Publish time 2013-1-30 10:29:21

i think they should give you something for getting a customer (or several) for them

FreeRangers Publish time 2013-1-31 04:17:33

With the game scheduled to launch today where can we find the option to pay up front and unlock the map areas?

Origami Publish time 2013-1-31 04:39:38

Edited by Origami at 2013-1-30 21:41

You go to Akane Bounty Master, it's the guy in middle of village. In the upper right corner of Yomi Forest map you have "Unlock All" button. You can even buy it right now. It will be automatically reissued to your account at launch.

FreeRangers Publish time 2013-1-31 05:06:50

Wow, I'm very unobservant then. :) I was just playing yesterday and didn't see that button. Thanks though.

rikipy Publish time 2013-2-2 21:19:47

thankls for the summary :)

vithar Publish time 2013-2-2 21:19:54

I'm very glad, of hearing such news. I was absent from testing for some time, and it was the time, when Akaneiro whas told to be b2p. Making it f2p, and with such fantastic model, which provide equality for all players is great idea. It made me eager to pay for this this game :D

But i heard that only Americans can pay on Kickstarter, is ot truth or a myth?

Origami Publish time 2013-2-2 21:55:14

Edited by Origami at 2013-2-2 14:56

Myth. It's available for everyone, but you need payment card that can be used for internet purchases to do that, as the payment process goes through amazon payments. Kickstarter is not paypal compatible.

Duke Publish time 2013-2-2 22:05:54

Yeah, you need an amazon-account with a registered Visacard. Unfortunately I had none, so I asked a friend.

And I am in Europe, btw ;)

vithar Publish time 2013-2-3 19:34:55

Thanks for all info. :)
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