zjnflyer Publish time 2013-2-5 00:17:29

F2P is a very nice idea~

MasterLotus Publish time 2013-2-5 02:03:54

This is good news, now i can go back to game, since i thought (like a week ago while reading forums) it will be "Pay One's to Play", but now its pretty clear a "free to play" without any cash influence.

Many games are using F2P in a wrong way - like you can buy some legendary weapons available only in cash shop (still, which can be obtained in a month of hard work ingame)... or even worth - when you must buy acces to further areas... just disgusting - and they also call it Free to Play.

endafresh Publish time 2013-9-25 13:13:21

I love the F2P model of this game.  Earn your way through playing or pay money to get it faster.
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