dwolvin Publish time 2013-1-14 06:03:41

Beginner (level 1) forum user

Seriously, it's rare enough that someone tries to search instead of just posting.  Please allow any registered user to search the forum!  

dean.rugaard Publish time 2013-1-14 06:29:56

This post belongs in the subforum for the forum itself

labeled: Spicyworld Discussion.


Neutron15 Publish time 2013-1-17 23:35:57

Edited by Neutron15 at 2013-1-17 23:43

you need to level up

Phoenix-Shi Publish time 2013-3-19 20:45:16

I have to agree that it does seem a bit odd that you can't search the forums till you get level two. So often in game forums you see posts where people report problems or make suggestions that get responses about how they should have used search as what they said has been said often enough before. Well, here we can't do that till you've had a modest amount of activity under your belt. It would make more sense to me that you can't set your own avatar icon till level two but can search at level one as a custom avatar icon is more of a nicety and makes for something of a reward, searching really should be a level one ability.
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