darkside Publish time 2013-1-21 18:49:39

Login Issue

Edited by darkside at 2013-1-21 18:50

Hi First of all thanks for the game looks awsome keep the good work hope to see more.
okay Iv'e downloaded the pc version and Iv'e created a new account yesterday on the spicy world I login Flawlessly but when I try to login in The game every time gives me "Account name or Password Error" and I don't know what to do thanks for help.

Hexy Publish time 2013-5-7 05:29:37

I am encountering this same issue

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-5-7 08:04:22

Did you type your email and password in correctly? If so, send a report to zendesk.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-5-7 11:43:14

Yeah, please provide all your details on our support website and we'll drop everything to help you out  ;)

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