Alice Publish time 2013-1-22 10:08:48

The Pets thread!

Who here has a pet? :D What kind of pets do you have? I have two adorable cats. Chaos and Arya.
Playing fetch with Arya right now. >_>;;

The gray one is a lot bigger now, though. XD; Need to take more photos.
The gray one- Arya
The tabby one= Chaos.

Duke Publish time 2013-2-12 23:25:53

Edited by Duke at 2013-2-12 23:27

Does my plant count as a pet? I call her Lucy :D

Your cats are adorable btw. (Really?? Chaos??)

Hardhorse Publish time 2013-2-26 12:01:55

Edited by Hardhorse at 2013-2-26 12:03

Hmmm.  I'd guess my moss collection doesn't count either then.....

Moss really is cute tho. Oh and the water bears that live there! OMG sooo cute. fer strange little things.
I have pictures of em on my space but don't know how to put em up here yet. Maybe I don't have permission .

suckyrper Publish time 2013-5-4 09:18:56

If I pass my finals, I'll get a pet ferret. Would Critters be a good name for one?
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