Feanyar Publish time 2015-6-13 22:04:00

Guild PvE reward structure


I have no idea how the reward structure in guild PvE is supposed to be, since it seems bugged as hell (how fitting) - but as far as I understand, it is something like:
1) 1-2 items from the drop list go into auction, availible for those who did damage.
2) Someone (maxdmg? In theory, but bugged?) gets 3k(?) hexi.

That structure is kinda problematic, because it mostly makes hitting a waste of time for lower players while the big guns take it all. And before people complain about me complaining - within my guild I am among the big guns. ;)

My proposal is for a fairer and well balanced reward structure on guild PvE:

a) Give everyone instant hexi reward based on their damage (kinda similar to raids). Something like 1 hexi + 100 kabal per 1M dmg done seems reasonable.
That way everyone has an incentive to hit as hard as they can and the guild has a slow but steady income of kabal generated based on the PvE activity & power of its members.

b) Reward the killing blow with 1000 hexi + 100k kabal: This way people have an incentive to deliver the killing blow, even if it means they do less damage than they could. And it would open up for the better coordinated / cooperative guilds to leave a killing blow to their weaker members to maximize their own, total dmg and give the weaker ones a little benefit for their efforts in using their lower damage to the best effect for the guild.

c) Last but not least, the most damage done should ofc. get an extra reward too. IIRC its 3k hexi currently. Moving 1k to lasthit,  my proposal would then be 2000 hexi + 200k kabal for the #1 in leaderboard.

This way, assuming boss HP of ~1B the total reward per boss would add up to: ~4k hexi + 400k kabal (instantly via dmg done + maxdmg/lasthit rewards after kill).
That seems reasonable for a steady progress and an incentive to actually do the guild PvE fights.

Where are the augment materials for +9 supposed to drop? Mats for +10 (I assume?) are in auction after bosskills, but +9?
I assume they are supposed to drop directly via guild PvE fights?

Nech Publish time 2015-6-13 22:07:58

Nice thread, as usual : )

chrisii20090 Publish time 2015-6-13 23:26:56

mordor Publish time 2015-6-14 01:47:17

I would say, pick a fuild with no strong players. Strong players are atm not good for a guild as they capute all texi.. Hope this will change after a update so you actually can win something..

LightPower Publish time 2015-6-14 01:50:59

I agree with Fean. Smaller players have no chances in geting Hexi Koins or rather its harder for them. They have to wait for big guns to use their 2/2 attacks and then start a boss fight. I would have add one more thing, 2 augs for a boss per day seems kind of low. At this rate some people will augument a disciple to + 9 next year. Oh and reward thing is still bugged. Some people that do most damage dont get their 3k Hexi Koins.

CORREXTOR Publish time 2015-6-14 02:22:09

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I haven't receive any reward - I've got most damage and leader in all bosses raider some days... But I notice other players getting reward... crazy with the new upgrade... hope they can fix it really quick..

ALso why are we limited to x2 battle per day? and I'm with you on the material for +9 augments?
I'm guessing they have to add a SHOP for all the augment materials, shards and others cause the auction system is pretty not cutting it right now

Pbuck Publish time 2015-6-14 04:18:22

Getting no rewards, and there is no realistic way to farm for +9 or +10 augments.Also lack of communication is disturbing, are we to expect fixes?Is this how it is supposed to work?wait months/year for a single augment of a single disciple?How is it supposed to work if this is bugged?

CORREXTOR Publish time 2015-6-14 04:38:20

Edited by CORREXTOR at 2015-6-13 14:08

Patience it's only been couple of days since they release this upgrade... My guess they are working on it cause lot of players have submitted tickets with similar issues...

Pbuck Publish time 2015-6-14 05:13:04

What i would like to see: A realistic way to farm for + 9 or +10 augments, auctioning 2 drops for 20+ people when each one of them needs hundreds of drops for a single augment cannot possibly work.

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-6-14 14:16:58

I wish we had some kebel reward for damaging the boss. Even if it was a 1kebel/10HP, or 100HP! Something would be nice.

Feanyar's proposal is good, props.
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