Noob_pro Publish time 2015-6-16 21:09:12

Instructions -

Why is it so hard to get Instructions......

With Guilds and then with Augmenting (first roll-out).  We get no instructions.

We players lose time and money when we don't know what we are doing.  This of course excludes whatever bugs get identified along the way.

This destroys the joy of playing this game and causes more vet & paying players to leave (new players too).


Nech Publish time 2015-6-16 23:51:18

Idk what you mean about guild instruction, did you donate tons of gold without awareness?

Augmenting is easy, click augment and it shows what you need and where you can find. There is also a good guide here

Noob_pro Publish time 2015-6-17 08:32:55

Nech, Players put that guide together.  Same as the info regarding Guilds.   Spicy provides some instruction (it doesn't change much) when you click the Banners for events....

No instruction (in-game) for Guilds.   With the Auction and Bugged Battles in PvE - being the most troublesome.

ZadrotinaDa Publish time 2015-6-18 01:56:05

Who cares what u want, just donate :D

Dermott Fictel Publish time 2015-6-18 06:57:27

What I think Noob means, is ...What in the hell :lol are Deluge, Gale, Flame, and Permafrost used for, and where are Demon Hearts and Scrape?
Also:  What are Trident and Demon Blood used for?


voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-6-18 14:48:57

I remember SH has told that discovering was a bit part of the game.

Now that Augment is clear off of the bugs, it is easy to understand how it works but i confess hard to know where to get all those shards sometimes.

For Guild, we are waiting for a guide in the wikia : SH told us that they will release it after the bug have been cleared
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