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Important Clarification to Community Rules

Edited by Aethelred42 at 2015-7-30 23:04

Comments obviously intended to harm the reputation of another player will result in immediate banishment, possibly without warning, and possibly with major consequences depending on severity.

"Just joking around" will not be considered an excuse. Also, if it is quite obvious to a large group of players who is being referenced, this rule applies.

This rule also applies to the Rage section and any public area of the forum, including personal blog space. Don't harm others.

Think of the intent of the forum, who owns it, try to follow the spirit of things here, and you'll never have a problem. Nobody wants to be a jerk here. We just want it nice.

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And on a personal note, this rule is particularly important to me as it contains the biggest part of being a decent human being on the forum. Kicking a game decision is one thing, another person is something else.
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