Glyder1963 Publish time 2015-6-16 16:43:37

Official - "The Horsemen of the Gate " LEVEL 12 guild invitation

Edited by Glyder1963 at 2015-7-15 17:10

Welcome to "THE HORSEMEN OF THE GATE "guild a fun and very active group.
All members are level 50+ And have very powerful accounts with multiple +8 cards.
The first guild to reach level 12

Our aim is to be the Best, help each other to maximise our accounts and to have fun.

So if you think your account has what it takes and are willing to also invest into the growth
of the guild then make contact via our FB page for a probational sneak peek until your full admission.

1) First join "the Horsemen of the Gate" guild FB page.

The horsemen of the gate

2) Wait to be approved by King or Jay

3) When applying you MUST list
- royalty level
- best 4 cards including NE
- A name of a know horsemen as contact in the guild.

Good luck and happy :-) gaming we hope to see you soon.

fylhtq Publish time 2015-6-16 16:54:36

we will glad to see new friends!

grimrei17 Publish time 2015-6-16 21:48:39

Hey guys. U can send me a message on facebook if u want to apply.. Stinger Jay. Thanks and have fun

KingAndrew Publish time 2015-6-16 21:49:59

Edited by KingAndrew at 2015-6-16 21:51

very nice....Go Horsemen.... all interested players please do not hesitate to apply if you fit the criteria stated by Glyder,
...we want to be the best and have fun trying to achieve that, so come saddle up, lets rock and roll....
P/S: Any interested players can also PM me or glyder or chrisii here so that we can arrange the application.

Webby Publish time 2015-6-18 08:44:51

:D  Good luck, Ride Horsemen Ride......

KingAndrew Publish time 2015-6-18 09:06:33

webby... when are you gonna come ride with us? :D

Webby Publish time 2015-6-18 09:30:00

KingAndrew replied at 2015-6-18 08:06 static/image/common/back.gif
webby... when are you gonna come ride with us?

One trick pony me!  Couldn't keep up with u thoroughbreds!  

Glyder1963 Publish time 2015-6-18 20:08:24

Saddles on, armour on, spikes on, lance in hand, long sword in other to the guild battles we ride unleashing fury as we pass each guild forevermore.

JoashTutie Publish time 2015-6-18 21:11:10

As a new member of the Horsemen, i feel really honored. I have been playing for a year without any guilds or friends in the game, struggling to understand bits and pisces of this game by putting all the puzzle in a way i felt right, it was really a lonely journey knowing that everyday i would log on the game and wonder around just trying to finish my in game energy and do some runs in the arena.

Being in a top guild with all these wonderfully cheerful and thoughtful member, some SERIOUSLY fun too, i felt that there is more to just PLAYING a game when u have people to play with together and grow in game and in real life! We are all brothers and sister!

To those that might have gone through the game with excitement but had no one to share it with, this is the guild to fulfill that dream of yours, apply and please don't hesitate to get the informations from stinger jay, i bet you that he is a hell of a recruiter!

Last but not least, thanks once again to the ongoing support and fun i had (although i had just joined for 2 days hahahaha) , would surely want to grow more in this game and always be a part of the HORSEMEN.

ongkie888 Publish time 2015-6-18 22:21:53

Long live horsemen!
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