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Event result of “Revenge of Sabnac” (06/11 ~ 06/18)

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Event result of “Revenge of  Sabnac” (06/11 ~ 06/18)

First, Concratulations everyone who achieve prize for your EP grindings :DUnlike last events, the EP reward point for equipment has raised up to 300K. It's getting hard to achieve full equipment shards.

Event Island Ranking (EP basis)

1st                       -                   328,790 EP2nd                      -                   303,859 EP3rd                       -                   303,534 EP

7th                     -                    300,152 EP(Full of 50 Event equipment  shard reward EP, Congratulations!)

... 50th                    -                    127,875 EP(Full of 8 event card reward EP, Congratulations!)

I don’t have idea why SH adjusted Event equipment EP from 250K to 300K though total number of people who reach 300K EP increased.

Hope this informataion helps you planning next event.

voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-6-18 14:50:38

Yes that is great to know !

Congrats to the top 50 !
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