forew Publish time 2015-6-20 05:37:59

about slay

I have 2 questions;What does "normal" damage means?
and is slay a nice skill to lv?

I have eates hammer couldn't decide which skills to lv..

PyongYunks Publish time 2015-6-20 06:07:56

Hi forew. "Normal" damage means the damage your team dishes out during battle and it's a good skill to level especially if you have other cards that complement that same buff (for instance Assail, Assault and Dark Empowerment). Eate's also has Fire Attunement which is indispensable for a Fire team. Invincibility and Doppleganger can come in handy, too. What other cards are you using in your deck?

forew Publish time 2015-6-20 14:48:52

thank you :) well I levelled fire att but I don't have a good fire card atm. planning to use it in the future. I have QQ, FA, Magmentus and Fallen cardea. They are main cards that I play with besides I have eates..

Feanyar Publish time 2015-6-20 15:17:21

The normal dmg buffs (slay, assault, assail, dark empowerment) buff only the autoattack dmg of your all disciples, not your skills.
They are useful to have, esp on weaker / lower dmg disciples since other skills wont do much dmg on them either but dont add all that much dmg if you've got already several elemental buffs stacked on your team. However, its better to have few % extra dmg than not to have it, right? :D

PyongYunks Publish time 2015-6-20 23:10:46

forew...I have Eate's hammer too, but won't use him until I have my Fire deck put together, You've got some great cards in your combat deck. Fallen Cardea and FA are a great combo and Mag is awesome as well. How are you doing on Isla Mare each day?

Nech Publish time 2015-6-21 07:44:45

Also a skill that increase normal damage is "good" because is not linked to a specific element.
Your attunement lvl 1 is better than slay lvl 10 (for eate himself) but works on fire only.
I would give priority to attunement (lvl 10 is 75%) even if you have only one fire card, then slay since works for different elements.
You should as well arrange gale-squall-attunement for the winds, stream-shower for qq, pound for magme.

forew Publish time 2015-6-21 17:12:35

PyongYunks replied at 2015-6-20 23:10 static/image/common/back.gif
forew...I have Eate's hammer too, but won't use him until I have my Fire deck put together, You've g ...

actually I was able to clear IM for most of the days before I evolved my cards lv 30, now it became so difficult that I can clear up to geltoonly.. :I maybe I am using wrong skill sets I dunno

PyongYunks Publish time 2015-6-21 23:25:18

That's what happened to me, too. I had to max out DS and Fear and Spiked then throw Befafes into the mix before I started winning again. I have cleared it every day for a while now, but I still have to quit out of a few battles and try them again with a different tactic to win.
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