titansarrow Publish time 2015-6-21 02:42:19

my current team set up

My current setup. I see most top teams aren't using princess, and ARE using neberius. I'm trying to set up my team with 2 group Damagers, a healer, and status guy. Thoughts?

Dubhai Publish time 2015-6-21 03:14:31

imo cc is always great. Now I have heard mixed feels regarding healers. As you can see the top 10 players dont have any healers in their line up. Now when you mention dmg dealers are you referring to AoE or single target dmg.

titansarrow Publish time 2015-6-21 07:35:22

Aoe, like the 2 I have in now.

titansarrow Publish time 2015-6-21 22:51:06

Forgot the screenshot. Lol.  http://s2.postimg.org/dawmdlsc9/Screenshot_2015_06_21_10_47_23.png

djigovski Publish time 2015-6-25 18:38:41

Edited by djigovski at 2015-6-25 18:41

This "status guy" is actually also a single target dmg dealer. In my opinion you should focus on Naberius. Aoe dmg falls behind later and from my experience is only good for finishing the targets (or debuffing/stunning). Of course these OP top players don't care about this, cause they have maxxed demons with 5* maxxed equipment and probably maxxed skills.

titansarrow Publish time 2015-6-25 19:06:57

Yeah I don't expect to keep up with them lol

titansarrow Publish time 2015-6-25 22:00:16

I'm changing up my squad a bit. I don't have a good wind demon to swap out yet though

PappaSmurf Publish time 2015-6-26 00:03:11

I'm aiming for a kind of 'Fury' control deck.
Ozgin as leader for team buff (Team Fury Boost), Damage on death.
Flaming Mo, no fury abilities for 3 rounds. Initial Fury
Craggy Namtar, Aoe Fury Nuke. Initial Fury and massive Aoe damage on death
Amomongo,  Aoe Fury Nuke, Initial Fury, Aoe damage on death.

The aim is to neuter enemy team Active Abilities.

Jehannum Publish time 2015-6-27 01:03:14

Personally, I hate facing off against Naberius, especially if my not-so-bright demons are having a not-so-bright day and don't kill him quickly.  Usually, about halfway through the fight, someone gets the neat idea of killing him and half my team gets wiped out in the resulting explosion.

My healer is lagging behind a bit due to a change-up, and he tends to die before showing the world that he can be useful.

titansarrow Publish time 2015-6-27 10:12:22

I'm in the process of switching out now. After doing some more research, naberius will stay. I need to evo mephisto 1 more time to swap him in. Keeping salubrious. Just need to find a new wind demon. But I can focus on getting mephisto and naerius caught up in the mean time
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