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DragonLord Recruiting all active members

Want to join a guild of active members? Are you on the Abbadon Server? Then join us, DragonLord! We have 8 slots left for our current level and of the 12 members we do have most of (if not all of them) are active!

I am the guild leader (Ultima228) and Im on several times a day every single day. The more you donate to the guild, the higher your rank will be.

So if your looking for an active guild, then come on down and join us today. We are Dragons, the first and the original.

1426731005zdxEeM Publish time 2015-8-17 08:42:57

Bumping again, still need / want active members on the Abbadon Server. Level doesnt matter in the slightest, if you are high enough to join a guild we want you :) So long as you can keep active, I try to remove all those who have been inactive for a month or plus, regardless of their rank or donations to the guild.
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