Solear Publish time 2015-6-23 04:38:50

Card Evo v2

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I've found this here:

But seems outdated. Can someone quickly tell me the following evos (screenshot if that's easier):
4* 2
4* 3

I think I have the rest.

Thanks in advance,

titansarrow Publish time 2015-6-23 07:18:51

Just did a 4*3 or I'd take shot for ya

Solear Publish time 2015-6-23 14:02:13

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titansarrow replied at 2015-6-23 00:18 static/image/common/back.gif
Just did a 4*3 or I'd take shot for ya
Whatever suits.. I only need those 2 evos, since I don't have demons in that range right now and I was working on the connected wikia page

titansarrow Publish time 2015-6-23 22:04:17

All I remember is that the night stones were 2 each for the last 2 evos, and the seismics were 50 & 80 respectfully

Solear Publish time 2015-6-24 02:19:02

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This means we only need 4*2evo screenshot for my list.


djigovski Publish time 2015-6-25 18:06:15

4 Star Demon +2
-> Evolve to 4 Star Demon +3 = 55 Bash, 2 Night Stone, 120 Grade-2 Elemental Material, 35 Smash, 14 Demon Shards -> Third Passive Skill Level 2 to Level 3


ppmythos Publish time 2015-6-25 19:23:25

Wasted 2 night stones to evolve him once just for you :)

Solear Publish time 2015-6-26 05:02:18

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It was not wasted, this is a good demon :-)

Thanks! {:2_31:}

If I messed up something, let me know.

Thanks for everyone contributed :-)

ppmythos Publish time 2015-6-26 07:09:20

I can't decide which AoE brownie I want to 5*, berserker or amomongo. Mostly for raid bosses

Solear Publish time 2015-6-26 14:17:30

I'd go with the amomo, since you can level it faster.. I think in my current stage I have 4 available places to mine amomo, and only 3 to mine berserker.. I could level that faster.

But why do you want an aoe for raid bosses? It's single enemy. you could hit bigger with a single shooter. (unless you can survive the first big hit from the boss :P)
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