amye201320 Publish time 2015-6-25 07:34:28

UNION guild.

hi all Union member,
We are running guild very well. However we need to cooperate more and more to defeat Boss in Guild PVE.

So i propose we start to kill Boss at similartime (Arena ending 23h59 to 23h00).

Hope to receive your comments.

P/s to : AndyOngko, stepisniktoma: pls add me as friend in game: "amye3110"


amye201320 Publish time 2015-6-26 22:11:47

Up Up Up Up Up

amye201320 Publish time 2015-8-4 12:28:21

We are looking for some active members....:$ guild level is 5..

amye201320 Publish time 2015-11-4 14:52:03

UNION guild level 12 Welcome active player.

kaigreene247 Publish time 2016-1-19 17:26:06

is your guild still active?

amye201320 Publish time 2016-1-26 10:51:42

Our guild reached level 14 lastweek.

kaigreene247 Publish time 2016-1-26 20:28:55

thanks, are you still accepting new member?
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