troutbum Publish time 2015-6-25 19:48:39

question about shards

what exactly does shards do?
can u use them to summon demons?
and if u can how many do u need?
for example nero glintflesh, can u summon that using shards? how many shards do u need?

Zaarongvcd Publish time 2015-6-25 19:55:15

Shards are used to increase the disciple s power using augment.
once you want to augment nero from +2 to + 3 the augment process requires 2xnero shards among other shards.

Does that help? They only work for augment, not obtaining cards.

LightPower Publish time 2015-6-25 19:56:11

They are used for augmenting disciples. You make them more powerfull. Shards are needed at aug + 3 and up. And no you cant use them for summoning disciples.

troutbum Publish time 2015-6-25 19:56:19

thanks alot
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