Necalan Publish time 2015-6-27 09:49:19

Guild Auction is horrible!

I have never seen a system where guild members are supposed to bid against each other for items! Not in my 40+ years of gaming! That is counter intuitive to what a guild is for. Why not just have a shop like the other shops in the game! Each player will have a few items they can buy with their hexi coins, and they can refresh the store using gold, or wait the 12 hours for new items to appear. Hexi coins aren't that easy to come by, and it takes 50 of each item to Augment your card. At this rate, it will be forever before anyone actually augmenst their card. The current system isn't well thought out, and I will stop at saying that.

Nech Publish time 2015-6-27 11:31:19

You should check existing thread, for example in this case, guild pve reward structure.

amye201320 Publish time 2015-6-27 23:15:52

Vote for Necalan

Aethelred42 Publish time 2015-6-28 05:48:59

Agree with you. We're getting past that through chat and an agreement not to bid past 1001 without talking. Works well, usually. Refuse to have contention within the guild over this. Many of us are kind of out-politing each other. Does require a social platform to get around, though.

Goddwyn Publish time 2015-6-29 14:50:37

Strikes me odd that you've not seen an in guild auction system for raid lewtz. DKP / DKP based systems have been used within online guilds for over 15 years..

Usually in a DKP system you have to earn points to bid with via participation... Unlike here, hex coins can be participation required... <---the part I do not like

Being able to "out purchase" other guild members for raid rewards seems like drama waiting to strike..

Qualan Publish time 2015-6-29 19:04:07

the problem isn't as much the  system imo-  effort towards guild is rewarded with dkp- seen dkp systems where items could be "sold"  to guild for dkp as well- so it isn;t a huge stretch

But the whole system feels clunky and lacks transparency imo-  some tweaks would make it a lot better

1) bidding: at least show who has the current bid
2) Additions to your guildpool of hexi coins --> let guildleader be able to tweak settings so hexi coins can or can't be allowed to be gained from donations (although i think many a guildleader will find that donations dry up if there is no personal reward from em in hexi coins and their donations only count towards the kabal coins) - but if a guild desires, they can make loots  only achievable from efforts in killing the demons
3) Audit trails,  Would be nice to see who is resetting mobs  etc, past the limited window where all donations, resets etc are currently registered (it is just too easy to hide a reset by quicky donating a lot of individual items)- dunno how far scrollbacks work atm  but having to find  management of guild info  in a ton of donation spam is tedious at best
4) A guild only readable message box- so some private communications can be made that every member will be able to see- the chat is too dependant on when people are online-  kinda like guild description box but fo members only )

Goddwyn Publish time 2015-6-30 01:57:51

4) A guild only readable message box- so some private communications can be made that every member will be able to see- the chat is too dependant on when people are online-  kinda like guild description box but fo members only )

A+++ I agree 100%..mentioned this same issue in another thread..

As for the raid-loot management... Would be nice if there were "Raid Master" guild positions which the guild leader could assign.. The raid master would be in charge of raid resets and scheduling...and hopefully auction options in the future.

Nech Publish time 2015-6-30 03:10:09

Reset boss is just a feature to check the leaderboard, for what I can understand. No tricks behind. I don't get how this would concern you.
Current bid player? I don't know, but at least tell me for which item I lead the bid... it is just retarded open the auction and try to rebid everything...
It is true that history is a complete spam, I've already suggested something in list of listening.
I disagree about priority set by overlord. Don't forget that only whom actually participate the fight can see and bid items in auction. I would like to suggest though that you cannot overbid for your first time in the (?)  last hour, that's to prevent unexpected sneak bid the last minute, so at least you know that you may have a competitor way before deadline.

CHARTOM Publish time 2015-6-30 16:51:28

It is not good to see guild members competing against each other, even if there is an agreement that first come first served... since shards are not dropping frequently and tens of them are needed to make a good augmented disciple. Imho a shop is very much needed to get shards.

s474n Publish time 2015-7-1 11:55:22

+1 Auction system blows
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