vir0m Publish time 2015-7-2 19:09:08

bug with display of items in the arena store!!!

morning after reboot in my arena store all positions merged into one card stack! This is just my way displayed arena Store? I can not see what kind of things in the current market (((

Belzial Publish time 2015-7-2 19:13:37

This should resolve itself when the store refreshes. It's a known bug, that hasn't shown of SH test accounts

Sadpanda Publish time 2015-7-2 20:03:46

my arena shop refreshed but the bug is still there all items on top of each other in the left hand corner :@

Nech Publish time 2015-7-2 20:47:56

Same here.

riteB2inDI Publish time 2015-7-2 22:17:50

same here, tot my patch update was faulty went on reinstalling, still overlapping

stefm01 Publish time 2015-7-2 22:53:28

Image is also corrupted, nothing to see...

mmooney00 Publish time 2015-7-2 23:19:20

It's bugged for me, too. Anyone gamble and purchase the random item?

fantazar Publish time 2015-7-2 23:34:30

another bug to contend with, mine's the same

It's only been 3 months and Batibat stilll not fixed

Axiomatic Publish time 2015-7-3 00:35:11

Same problem. On Iphone app.

Goddwyn Publish time 2015-7-3 01:12:59

Seen this before but my shop is not bugged this time around.. Curious if this is happening to certain platforms?

I'm playing via Facebook - Internet Explorer
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