Al72753 Publish time 2015-7-8 22:42:45

Guild donations

Can someone tell me why I can't donate disciples or equipment? I created the
Guild but it says "I don't have the right to do this"

voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-7-9 00:04:18

They closed those 2 options because to many manual errors from players... and to many tickets that ask for give it back :-)

They said they woukd find a way to make it easier so we are waiting now

Feanyar Publish time 2015-7-9 00:14:18

Wasn't there a sorting bug (similar to disciple-sell) too that made the players donate the wrong cards unwillingly?

Nech Publish time 2015-7-9 09:08:04

Sorting wasn't necessary for bug, bug shows off as soon you scrolled down the page of donation.
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