Gralcio Publish time 2015-7-17 15:52:01

Item skills

I've browsed forums for some threads about items' skill but seen no solid answer and didn't want to necro those threads, so here's my question.

I'm wondering, are skills on items properly working?
Also, are they stacking?

My King O has 4.6% crit on raging tumult and 5.6% crit on iron maiden. They both look like passives and - in my understanding - if they stack, they should add up to about 10%.
But as I'm watching fights it doesn't look like he's critting every tenth shot. To be honest, I am hardly seeing any crits at all.
Or is that 10% of unit's base crit? (assuming they even stack, but honestly, they should considering how tough it is to farm/get/buy items).

Thank you in advance for any insight.

PyongYunks Publish time 2015-7-19 03:37:53

Hi Gralcio. Most people will tell you skills on items aren't working, but there are a few people who have verified they do indeed work. For instance if you have an item with Fear on it, but none of your Disciples have Fear and you see the entire enemy freeze then you have proof. On the other hand if you have an item that raises your percentage of critical hit chance that is much tougher to prove.

NMFA123 Publish time 2017-11-2 12:43:05

hmm.. still wondering this..
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