gothiki Publish time 2015-7-22 22:11:31

Card Deck Full? Try Selling Items!

Edited by Aethelred42 at 2015-7-30 23:53

i cant use spirit summon. When i use it take message "Your card deck is full. Sell cards or purchase more slots". Now i have 58/75 because i bought next 5 slots. Didt work.....

Jason27104 Publish time 2015-7-22 22:46:55

Try making sure your equipment isn't full? Happened to me before.

diudiuz Publish time 2015-7-23 02:37:42

It's actually rather stupid that having full deck or equipment bag prevents all actions. Excess stuff should just be loaded to inbox if space is ran out from deck. And even worse with equipment since there's no way to increase it's size. It's standard practise in many other ccg's.

gothiki Publish time 2015-7-23 10:30:38

THX i sold 5 EQ shard and work normal :D
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