tokay Publish time 2015-8-12 13:38:44

Critical Announcement - Last Days of Eternity

Dear Gate Community,Since 2011 Spicy Horse has released 5 online/mobile F2P games, with varying levels of success. Two years after its launch The Gate has been, by far, the most successful of these games. This success has been born out of your support and dedication to the game. For this, we thank you.  
Unfortunately, since December of 2014, The Gate has been losing money for Spicy Horse. We spend more on development and support for the title than it generates in revenue. Through this period we've maintained our commitment to support and improve the title, but this strategy can no longer be sustained.
In order to survive, Spicy Horse must focus its very limited development resources on new games.
Our strategy, like the strategy of other independent mobile game developers, is to release new games as quickly as possible, support them for as long as they are successful, and work towards landing a long-running, self-sustaining hit title. We've yet to launch that hit, but we still have a chance while our players and investors continue to support us.
As we re-focus our development strategy on new titles, The Gate servers will continue to run indefinitely, with the following updates to how we develop and support the game: •        There will be no new features, UI updates, or other gameplay tweaks made to the game. •        There will be continued Customer Support, bug fixes and minor adjustments to database-related items like balancing and item sales.•        Weekly Tournaments will come to and end. From mid-August there are about 3 months of Weekly Tournaments remaining. Mid-November 2015 will bring the end of Weekly Tournaments.•        Servers will be maintained for as long as the company continues to exist or there are a minimum of some dozens of players still engaged with the game. See our other games (BigHead BASH, Crazy Fairies, Akaneiro) for examples of this. •        Yes, we said there would be Guilds PVP, but we're unable to accomplish this goal. Our apologies for this. •        Again, to be clear, everything in the game will remain except for Weekly Tournaments and the monthly PvP shop card, which end Mid-November.

We are releasing this information to you as early as we're able.
A special note regarding the Steam version of The Gate: Weekly tournaments will continue in the Steam version until the content has been consumed, which from this point should take over one year.  The Steam version will also eventually get Guilds. Our goal is to add Guilds before end of year (2015).
I understand that this news will come as an upsetting shock to many of you. Everyone here at Spicy Horse sympathizes with your feelings and hopes to make this transition as painless as possible. Please accept my sincere gratitude for the support and trust you've given Spicy Horse and The Gate.
To express our gratitude, we've created this redeem code, good from here to eternity:
This contains: 1000 Gold50,000 Soul Coins1200 Crystals3x Hope3x Rood5x Seismic Material5x Cyclone material5x Blaze material1x Eye of Cthulu 5x Heliotrope Hat Shards5x Purplepuss Shards

On behalf of the entire team at Spicy Horse Games,American McGeeCEO
Spicy Horse Games

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-8-12 13:59:00

Thank you so much for creating this game. It's been the one game I've actually spent money on to play and don't regret a cent. I'm sorry to hear that things haven't panned out the way that you would have liked, but it's been a hell of a ride.

Good luck, hopefully you strike gold in the future.

Qualan Publish time 2015-8-12 14:06:36

understandable decision- in the end a game is a business - esp in IT- which means games eventually fade- a shame but  a reality

Good luck on the new titles

As a sidenote-  can - once events  fade- event Island be replaced by the first event isalnd- the one with shards and upgrade materials - i presume some form of event Island would need to be up for the materials anyway- might as well be the one with some shards in em- esp if some of the guild bassed ones get put there - and at that point it hardly matters anymore for gameplay and balance (dunno if i will be around but who knows .. )

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-8-12 14:09:03

Qualan replied at 2015-8-12 14:06 static/image/common/back.gif
understandable decision- in the end a game is a business - esp in IT- which means games eventually f ...

Maybe it'll just be the event island that they have whenever Raid Bosses roll around. It's just for material farming and DB if you place.

Qualan Publish time 2015-8-12 14:10:11

aye-  but shards would be good to get LOL

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-8-12 14:11:42

Are you still gonna wait 3+ months to release the event cards, or is there gonna be a big release at mid-November with all of the event cards until then? Also, is the monthly PvP card going to leave mid-November or the end of November?

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-8-12 14:12:14

Qualan replied at 2015-8-12 14:10 static/image/common/back.gif
aye-  but shards would be good to get LOL

And a WHOLE.FREE.GOLD item?!?! Unholy crap!

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-8-12 14:29:07

Currently no plan as to what the shops and event island etc will look like once the tourneys end, but sure, 'something' will need to be incorporated to keep the material farming alive and all previous cards to become available again !

alfred7 Publish time 2015-8-12 14:31:10


thank you , as long as the server still ON , i continue playing for fun. this is good games, yet the only games I spend money, others games I do not crazy for one year. great job. great development team behind

Gralcio Publish time 2015-8-12 15:50:22

Even if old events were repeating themselves ad infinitum, it would still keep me interested for quite some time.
There are so many things I haven't collected yet.
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