s474n Publish time 2015-8-14 16:40:00

Webby replied at 2015-8-14 09:29 static/image/common/back.gif
Sorry everyone is angry and sad about this, can understand why and believe rather than arguing the p ...

Are you in Thailand? Thats what they say there at least as well.

Arena god Publish time 2015-8-14 16:53:50

Aethelred42 replied at 2015-8-14 13:27 static/image/common/back.gif
I'm downing you for your opinions, though not officially: Your recent contributions seem written b ...

Intolerant mods it's pathetic of y'all to down others opinions fuckin sad really

Webby Publish time 2015-8-14 17:48:27

s474n replied at 2015-8-14 15:40 static/image/common/back.gif
Are you in Thailand? Thats what they say there at least as well.

He shoots he scores! :) Lived here for 8/9 years now

Unchainedcarter Publish time 2015-8-14 21:05:56

Aethelred42 replied at 2015-8-14 13:39 static/image/common/back.gif
They said they'd run it if they were in business and it was being used, to be succinct. Look at th ...

Akaneiro is still running on Kong to this day,though you wont see Big Head Bash,its uncertain for me wether The Gate will fall to a side or another,but i think its gonna be running for a long time after,but since im not SH i cannot say anything for sure.

Aethelred42 Publish time 2015-8-15 01:39:05

Arena god replied at 2015-8-14 01:53 static/image/common/back.gif
Intolerant mods it's pathetic of y'all to down others opinions fuckin sad really

Intolerant. Yes, certainly. Pathetic? Hardly. There is no reason to tolerate someone behaving poorly due to determined ignorance and a lack of thought about what effect his written actions have on others. You were bashing one of the best people I know, among other things. I have no tolerance for that. You do not have some kind of right to be tolerated. Your "opinions" are not holy, they're uninformed, poorly thought through, and insulting. You even lack enough control of the language to be interesting. Have I banned you? No. Haven't gone quite far enough yet, for me at least, especially when tempers are running a bit hot. And Belzial certainly isn't defenseless. But do I think you deserve to be told what's what regarding your behavior? Oh yes. My temper is running a bit hot as well, and tact about the smell of your garbage is not high on my priority list.

Arena god Publish time 2015-8-15 04:45:19

Aethelred42 replied at 2015-8-15 01:39 static/image/common/back.gif
Intolerant. Yes, certainly. Pathetic? Hardly. There is no reason to tolerate someone behaving poor ...

No ..u r Intolerant of opinions what I said had nothing to do with u or belzial at all ...I said what I said  as my opinion if u don't like it I don't give a damn I don't like ur opinion either but I'm not sittin here bashing u for yours like u r Idc if u like it or like the way I worded it it wasn't meant for u stay out if it just like I stay out if opinions I don't like of yours ... And I don't really give a damn if u ban me the game is dead now correct? Or atleast in a couple weeks so who cares and I could give a rats ass if u don't like my spelling or whatever autocorrect is not ur friend not everyone is like u or belz everyone has a diff outlook or opinion that not wetting will like no reason to bash or say shit to ppl who have those opinions like I said if u don like it stay out unless I'm threatening or cussin someone out then u can do ur job and but in .... This whole thing been blown out proportion and has nothing to do with the situation at hand cause if u 2 if y'all woulda just not chimed in that one single post at the very beginning is all that I would have said ... Or if belz just wouldn't had been a smart ass in his 1st reply post nothing else woulda been said .... What u 2 r saying about my comments does not bother me it's the way u guys r saying the shit that is causing me to reply with more heated actions ..... So just stop replying and I will do the same .... Or u can reply with a tiny bit of respect an I will do the same .... Not askin u to have respect for me Idc if u do or not ... Fakein it is fine .... Just stop replying in smart ass tones and I will do the same

Dermott Fictel Publish time 2015-8-15 06:19:18

Thailand, where I go from time to time for...a "thing".

Aethelred42 Publish time 2015-8-15 06:39:13

Edited by Aethelred42 at 2015-8-14 15:43

Arena god replied at 2015-8-14 13:45 static/image/common/back.gif
No ..u r Intolerant of opinions what I said had nothing to do with u or belzial at all ...I said w ...
Opinions, sure. I respect your right to have opinions that are based on some kind of fact, aesthetic judgement, sexual preference, religion, etc. You may also have any regional dialect you like - I respect that. You may punctuate creatively; it's a matter of choice and with which group you wish to identify. I can respect that. I respect your right to your choice of diction. Pejoratives, it depends on where they're targeted. If you're fond of scatology, you can even have a pass outside of the rage section for awhile, things being what they are. I respect your right to feel the way you do.

An opinIon is, however, different from being wrong and contentedly ignorant. It's different than saying, "I was lied to." - a statement of fact, which is incorrect, and in reference to Tokay and Spicy Horse, it's also slander. I know for a fact some of the things they were trying to do to keep the game alive. At that time, they were very optimistic but couldn't talk about it. It's still not my place to talk about it

Only part of this next applies to you:

Take aim at Belzial for setting you straight, or any other reason, and you'll have a problem with me. Belzial is one of the finest people I know and has worked with great dedication to make this game, this forum, a better experience for everyone. Insult the character of Tokay, FlightTribe, or the SH staff, and you'll have a problem with me. Decisions? Sure. Have a go at it - carefully - knowing in advance you don't know what you're talking about. Bash the company with a sweeping, "Never trust them!" outburst, and you obviously don't know what you're talking about, have a problem with everyone, and generally look foolish.

Act the troll with me, and this week, I'll troll you back, as a personal gesture. Break the rules too badly, especially what I mentioned above, and only then well I act as a moderator. This is just me, tired of the smell of flaming garbage.

F# on a Kazoo

Arena god Publish time 2015-8-15 06:53:15

Lol well guess what bro belz take aim at me I take aim at him u take aim at me I take aim at u it's a beer ending pointless cycle if shit talking .... So I guess ima be the bigger man and say I'm done arguing over a dead game u can keep goin if u like I dont really care ... I feel tht putting ppl who talk like y'all do (down) to players as a mod is a poor judgement call but hey that's just my opinion witch in sure u gonna bash on that opinion as well so be my guest I won't respond to ur senseless arguing over something that never had anything to do with u or pointed in ur direction again ... An one last thing with the banning shit who cares!!!!!! I only got on here wendsdays to see the new tourney reveal well guess what they won't be anymore so big whoop bro do it by all means if that makes u feel big and powerful and all high and mighty ...and by the way belz was a bigger man than the both of us he stopped posting senseless arguing and I was done as well till u started flapping ur gums... Cya peace out

diudiuz Publish time 2015-8-15 07:00:26


That first one really sums it up, but there are many other good ones XD

Btw: it was me who initially used the words "bitter" and "ignorant".

/*stops feeding the troll*/
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