Arena god Publish time 2015-8-15 07:15:39

diudiuz replied at 2015-8-15 07:00 static/image/common/back.gif ...

Lmfao! I love the South Park one lol lol

Aethelred42 Publish time 2015-8-15 07:20:36

diudiuz replied at 2015-8-14 16:00 static/image/common/back.gif ...

r0xorz, olo, bin pwn3d!

Dead on, thanks for the perspective.

Arena god Publish time 2015-8-15 07:25:10

Lol sadly very true lol

Aethelred42 Publish time 2015-8-15 07:27:41

diudiuz replied at 2015-8-14 16:00 static/image/common/back.gif ...

And yes, full credit on adjectives. Thanks for your other posts as well.

Aethelred42 Publish time 2015-8-15 07:43:10

Some big things to remember:

[*]They warned us early. They didn't have to.
[*]They're going to try to leave it as playable as possible for a long time to come. Business as usual for a couple of months, too.
[*]You want to see Tokay's commitment to his players, look at Customer Support. Try getting that of support from almost any other developer, especially a small, financially strapped studio.
[*]Same goes for his after-development-has-ended support of other games. He's even had some patches when needed.
[*]They've certainly learned a thing or two about DeNA/Mobage and admit it was a bad decision to get involved with them.
[*]Look at the Google Play store and compare user acquisition numbers and percent of people who rated between Hellfire (an in-house DeNA title) and The Gate if you need additional proof about DeNA/Mobage.
[*]Allen, who developed The Gate, is currently working on another title he hopes will appeal to a similar group of players. Who knows?

Goddwyn Publish time 2015-8-15 08:03:43

Arena god replied at 2015-8-14 17:53 static/image/common/back.gif
I feel tht putting ppl who talk like y'all do (down) to players as a mod is a poor judgement call but hey that's just my opinion
I'm not going to get in the middle of this mud slinging contest....personally I do not care who/or how the drama started...

However, Aethelred42 and Belzial have been two of the most respectful and helpful MODs I've come ANY gaming forum...

Try to keep in mind that emotions have been running high since the announcement...rightly so I might add... These MODs are players too...they've been effected by the news just like the rest of us... /shrug/

I wouldn't suggest poking cranky dragons with a stick...let it go...

s474n Publish time 2015-8-15 08:27:10

Webby replied at 2015-8-14 17:48 static/image/common/back.gif
He shoots he scores!  Lived here for 8/9 years now

You married to a Thai lady then? Or just living it large perhaps lol. Let me guess... Pattaya?

Webby Publish time 2015-8-15 09:33:44

s474n replied at 2015-8-15 07:27 static/image/common/back.gif
You married to a Thai lady then? Or just living it large perhaps lol. Let me guess... Pattaya?

Ahhh missed the mark on that one...Pattaya not my scene, though appreciate why it might be for others lol.

I am a teacher in Bangkok, married to the Thai finance officer at school i work in.  Will retire to the jungle and go native i imagine haha

Zaarongvcd Publish time 2015-8-15 19:52:06

After being on other games that have closed down, I can pass comment that this games unfortunate and early end of development has been handled with the players in mind - more so than any other game producer does.

Further the comments in here about simply how awesome the gate is are so true.
Before and after I found the spreadsheet, acting as a compass I was amazed at the depth, complexity and ingenuity that saw me always finding new perspectives for:
General game play

It wasn't until I got some wise words from my fellow guild members was I confident I knew the game well. Sheer brilliance this game has been.
Thanks Spicy Horse, I'm real sad to hear you unfortunately had your hands tied,further saddened by the fact that the gold I have happily donated was stripped down so much for what you received. I was donating for the game and its creators, not some bigger corporation who had a bigger slice in the pie.

I have had so many hours of fun here, more than most if all PCgames I have played to date (maybe not more than doom II or so long ago!)
Thanks SH. And thanks to all members in this community, mods, one time and regular posters - I'm not going anywhere til I'm last here or servers go off!

Aethelred42 Publish time 2015-8-15 23:44:31

Edited by Aethelred42 at 2015-8-15 08:46

Zaarongvcd replied at 2015-8-15 04:52 static/image/common/back.gif
After being on other games that have closed down, I can pass comment that this games unfortunate and ...
Agree on all of that. This had lovely depth. Can remember how fun it was figuring out various strategies, the timing system, etc. Some of the better, most poorly documented abilities - the lousy documentation was almost a feature: You had to figure it out on your own - then you had an edge, lol.

Love games where you can be creative in finding combinations that work well out of a huge set of possibilitIes. Simply cannot find anything like it on mobile. Hope the gamer in Allen that liked that complexity can still use that, but come up with a hit, and that Tokay can avoid too many lousy entanglements. Remember, he used to do level design for Id, and has been a significant designer himself. Hope he can be more hands on in that respect.

Yeah, sorry about the flame war. :S Frustrated too. Knew things about how hard management was trying, some of the problems to which they were trying to find solutions, and things to me that people were saying. I wasn't sufficiently restrained and polite. Seemed little point in trying to soothe tempers this week and didn't even bother with my own. Should have. Belzial always seems to find a good line.

Mobile gaming is a blasted mess. The whole f2p model stinks. Even the details of how the various stores work are crummy. You can afford to hire Liam Neeson, you can pay for even more exposure, things snowball. Get stuck in a financial mess, have a publisher who's also a competitor that screws you over, that snowball just doesn't happen. So, financial backing for another title, great exposure for a new title, a new chance at contracts, a re-think of the market...good luck to all at SH.

Please don't think we want a clicker game. Please make a decent value for gameplay, regardless of the success of some people being willing to put in absurd amounts of money with many games - make the basic experience for an average household livable. Think of what you'd like to play yourselves and not JUST at market numbers. I like the way League of Legends is monetized - look at that. I'd like to see something like the monthly gold offer increased. I'd much prefer to play games as a service - a subscription - with some luxury items on top rather than feel like it's designed to cost too much for the planned experience. I really hate the single-tier kind of events that were here: top fifty or nothing. Got a lot better during the decline on that with the release of things in the shops. But it was far better when there was some equipment available at a reasonable EP. Don't ever sell anything like the VIP shop cards again - I still think it shows contempt for your players.

There is a real need for a deep game with a long life and growing content, not just one event after another. I always felt in here I was doing all the solo and side material for a bigger game, and now it's time for endgame. I'd hoped, like so many others, that this would at least be a little bit present with guilds. Meh. And no PvP, but I at least accept your apology - I know you were trying to get it in. Saw your numbers, though :S And don't make guildies compete AGAINST one another. Farmville 2 has little groups from different competition groups helping each other. They aren't competing against each other in the slightest. Sure, I love a good game in itself, but anything you can do to make it easy to support in-game friends is the thing that most makes a game worth playing. In this, for me, that came from outside social groups teaching each other, making experiments, and generally having fun and being supportive. The way guilds were implemented hurt rather than helped that experience. Our guild finally had managed to have small groups cooperate to succeed in PvE amicably, but it should have been designed in.

Make us a deep game we'd like to play again, sometime, with an endgame planned in. Make it fun to play with friends. Have expansions. I'd have signed up for significant new content.
Thank you for not destroying the game with power creep. That's not a substitute for endgame.

Hope you can get the rights to the code for this and do something with it. Hope you allow people to drag along their work and investment.

The stupid game market at the moment reminds me of the mail order business where the first rule is don't sell something that isn't already being sold. Don't you all just create some blasted cookie-cutter game. There are plenty of those and we're all sick of them - it's why we were here.

Do try to leave this as playable as you can. I'm going to be around, many others, for who knows how long. It'll let us finish long goals, have a little more fun with all we've put into it. Do what you can. Be SEEN as doing what you can.

Good luck to everyone here, designers and gamers both.

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