Qualan Publish time 2015-8-12 21:03:15


we don't know what happens behind the scenes- all gaming companies will eventually pull the plug on a game- some will exist for years after in a semi stasis  as long as servers are running - some they pull plug on servers as well

but once the trend is downward- there is no turning back- even a great  new relaunch/expansion usually doesn;t revive a game- and if it does, not as much and not as long as a new title

this came a bit sooner that i would have expected so clearly something else happened behind the scenes as well which might have impacted decisions- but whatever triggered the decision now- would be pure speculation

as to spending money- u Always know that there is a risk the game wont last as long as your desire to play- getting plenty of notice at least gives playerpace a fair  shot at making an educated decision whether to spent more money or not- the game will have  regular content upgrades for another few months and might hold interest a bit longer - so even money spent recently will still get a fair bit of return in playtime- knowing this long in front gives u the chance to decide to spent or not spent money the next few months with the events that will still run

and seeing 70% of revenues get creamed off the top will make this point  of last days of eternity be here sooner as well- the critical number of gold buyers probably is just too high to be able to be sustained  for a longer timeframe

Aethelred42 Publish time 2015-8-12 22:15:30

Qualan replied at 2015-8-12 06:03 static/image/common/back.gif

we don't know what happens behind the scenes- all gaming companies will eventually pull the p ...

Good post.

diudiuz Publish time 2015-8-12 22:30:25

Dang! Guess the gamble with DeNA didn't pay off. They were supposed to get new players flowing in thru DeNAs channels to TG and other titles? This did indeed came faster than expected, but I'll keep playing and honing my Wind and Liquid decks til eternity.

I feel kinda bad for ranting aloud the last few weeks... No hard feelings mmmkay?

And to Mr. McGee: I loved your level design in Quake! That game will always have a sweet spot in memory :)

Unchainedcarter Publish time 2015-8-12 23:05:01

Edited by Unchainedcarter at 2015-8-12 23:06

I was hoping to continue building my deck,this news fell as a bomb for me as ive been playing fort months,ever since it fisrst landed on kongregate,and never thought it would come to an end so quickly.I really love it,though sad im gonna have to say,good work Spicy Horse,thanks for all.

riteB2inDI Publish time 2015-8-12 23:43:30

Edited by riteB2inDI at 2015-8-12 23:48

sad to hear tis, hope u guys make even better games in future, all the best to yall

honestly like wat u did announcing tis in forum n in-game, unlike z*nga tat only posted a brief notice in their forum, n absolutely nothing in-game, players tat do not frequent game forum n were unaware of game closure were only alerted by frens or guildies, even started a new promo sales a month before tat, pathetic
*** i will continue to play as well, as motion of support, also, its not like theres any other game tat got my attention atm...

Spira Publish time 2015-8-13 00:01:15

I'm really sad there will not be any new card releases, but i understand their side.

Apart from other Facebook games, i had a really good time playing The Gate and i'm not bored enough to quit after so long playing it.
I will keep playing. Want to have my top notch fire team rolling.

Thanks for bringing us all the fun from this game, Spicy Horse. Wish you the best luck for future projects :)

Thanarion Publish time 2015-8-13 00:22:49

Glad I foresaw that happening and never invested any RL money into the game. Was a good concept but last 5-6 months it was obvious devs have close to 0 interest to make it "work". :dizzy:

azanimefan Publish time 2015-8-13 00:40:28

i've been playing since it launched (well within a month of the launch)

spent a nice amount of $$, had a lot of fun, this is one of the few mobile games i was willng to spend $$ on.  sad to hear this is the end.  Thank you for your hard work!

Dermott Fictel Publish time 2015-8-13 01:45:17

My great grandfather used to know about Gates and dying--he was killed in the holocaust.
I guess he shouldn't have got drunk and fell out of that guard tower.

King_Belial Publish time 2015-8-13 01:47:02

is it right moment for :"WE TOLD YOU THIS WILL HAPPEN" -.-"
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