diudiuz Publish time 2015-8-13 02:16:18

Thanarion replied at 2015-8-13 00:22 static/image/common/back.gif
Glad I foresaw that happening and never invested any RL money into the game. Was a good concept but  ...

Hardly the case, my friend! They put in tremendous amount of effort to the guild feature which most likely attributed to the downfall as it tumbled from the beginning.

In software development, small companies like SH always have to take big risks when investing into a software. I believe it was a big decision which didn't pay out, this time. I'm currently employed in a small It company which decided to invest in a product which aims to the global market. If it fails it might mean the end for the whole company, as the resources put into the product is huge and costs millions. Reach for the stars they say ;)

Thank you all in Spicy Horse for the enjoyment you provided to us customers (my contribution in dollars was quite modest but bigger than any mobile game so far). I'll look into you other titles and see if any of those have the spirit which made me enjoy TG for quite some time. Kudos to you!

stefm01 Publish time 2015-8-13 02:47:58

azanimefan replied at 2015-8-12 17:40 static/image/common/back.gif
i've been playing since it launched (well within a month of the launch)

spent a nice amount of $$,  ...

Woke up sometimes in the middle of night to see how far i ended in event (different time zone) but never had a single regret.  I'll keep on playin and pay for monthly royalty because this game deserves it !

forew Publish time 2015-8-13 03:12:38

maybe it will be like a pause, like a vacation, after sometime they will start to develop the game again.. *sigh

ok sh go and clear your head, you will notice your mistakes better, come back and correct them we'll be waiting here! lol.. :D

Goddwyn Publish time 2015-8-13 03:14:51

King_Belial replied at 2015-8-12 12:47 static/image/common/back.gif
is it right moment for :"WE TOLD YOU THIS WILL HAPPEN" -.-"

Hate to say it....but I called this a while back....
After which I pulled away from the forums and reduced my time in game while I waited to see if it were in fact happening..

As a player it is hard to understand how such great games such as this are allowed to wither and die.. This game has a ton of long term playability and excellent features that would allow it to be profitable...but without advertising and new player acquisition even great games die..
Again, I'm just a player and I have zero behind the scene knowledge...but it seems every single time an excellent game has been bought out / partners with a larger company....the writing on the wall is apparent.... New owners / partners would rather phase out great games than compete against them via their own titles.. This is a very narrow minded big business tactic imo...especially with great games such as this which could have become very profitable for all involved..

I found this game due to being sick and tired of all the COOKIE CUTTER android games out there...1,000 freaking games and they are all the same crap.. I spent an hour going through google play installing and uninstalling crap before randomly finding it...and I was instantly hooked.. I've not once seen ANY advertisement....nor peer to peer recruiting for this game, and it baffles me.. It really makes me question what the game could have been if such advertisement and peer to peer recruiting would have been done..

I only had the chance to play the game for a brief time, less than a year, but I wish I stumbled upon it during it's infancy..
I'll continue playing playing for some time..at the least till I find another non-garbage game that is worth my time and effort..which may take a long-long time....

Would like to give a big THANK YOU to Spicyhorse and all of the creation/development/support team for such a great game..I am truly sorry to see it end..
Also, another huge THANK YOU for standing up and making this announcement.. Takes balls to be upfront and honorable unlike others who cash bleed loyal players to the end.. I've seen games gouge loyal players for every dollar possible with special insane sales/items/units/ect while fully aware the game is over...never telling those same loyal players.. We figured it out when the website/domain/forums/FB page was deleted overnight without notice..

Belzial Publish time 2015-8-13 03:51:26

Goddwyn replied at 2015-8-12 19:14 static/image/common/back.gif
Hate to say it....but I called this a while back....
After which I pulled away from the forums and ...

Great post. I don't speak for SH in this context, but thank you for your post.

Personally, I agree with you, and had much the same experience of discovery etc. I think it's a great shame TG can't cntinue and didn't get the support it deserved, but I will continue to play it for some time to come.

Madecasol357 Publish time 2015-8-13 03:53:15

Oh! thanks god like SH! You finally stoped me from spending valuable money out of my wallet!! Now I can save them for better life!

s474n Publish time 2015-8-13 04:23:07

Madecasol357 replied at 2015-8-13 03:53 static/image/common/back.gif
Oh! thanks god like SH! You finally stoped me from spending valuable money out of my wallet!! Now I  ...

Lol.. yes the silver lining!!

Vecinuldedeasupra Publish time 2015-8-13 05:17:48

Thank you for this game. Like all good things it was expected to end at some point. To be honest I feel that is to young to die, but it may be only my feeling. I have the same feeling as I stopped playing diablo 2, the game that seems to be the closest to my heart next to the gate. Even so, Somehow I feel that this game could have been a great success, for me it was and it is still is the best game that I played. I still feel that one of the bad things was the inexisting publicity. I also found the game from a mistake, and when I started playing it took me in a journie that I could not stop. I still hope that you will leave a game that can be played even with no new content. Thank you again for the game, for all the efforts and try to not take the hard words of some players literarly, some of them are just very upset that such a good game is comming to an end.

King_Belial Publish time 2015-8-13 05:25:45

I also must say :"Thank you" for all the fun i found in the game, i hope there will be plenty of games like this, keep with GOOD job and stay out of BAD contract ;) i don't doubt in you in any moment but this end of such good game can only be school for all other things you make... I hope that The Gate will last enough in this last round of game...

stunner400 Publish time 2015-8-13 09:16:52

I must say this is by far the best mobile game I've played, I thank u for that, I hope you guys create  a better game and not make the same mistake with the never ending upgrades to 1 card e.g equipments which is impossible to reach level 25, NE which made gold  cards completely useless until they are NE and finally Aguments which may take months to make 1 card reach +10, please make a game that is more reachable as players in the gate always felt like they are reaching no where with this 1 card and are unable to focus on another.
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