Arena god Publish time 2015-8-14 04:36:24

Never once said they didn't do what they could to keep it goin never once said they did it on purpose or deliberately or calculated .... Do not twist my words u may have misread them that way but that is no way shape form or fashion is any of that what I said

diudiuz Publish time 2015-8-14 04:43:14

Your post reeks of bitterness and ignorance, Arena God. The purpose of a hobby is to waste time and money. And have fun while doing so. And The Gate did perform pretty well in that matter and will continue to do so for quite some for me and hopefully for u too.

Can't we all just accept the fat lady singing and have fun for the rest of the ride? :)

Belzial Publish time 2015-8-14 04:49:40

Arena god replied at 2015-8-13 20:36 static/image/common/back.gif
Never once said they didn't do what they could to keep it goin never once said they did it on purpos ...

you said you were lied to and that they let the game die.

If i misread what you meant by that then I apologise; I was blinded by the bitterness and ignorance.

You've said your piece, and I've responded. Looks like we won't agree, but I'm satisfied that at least forum users can read the alternative viewpoint, and make their own conclusion. *shrug*

Limitbreak Publish time 2015-8-14 05:12:38

I few months ago when the talk about financial problems started there was a thread about it and a lot of people tried to give advice. I tried to as well. Some where good, feasible ideas, yet we cannot know if SH didn't implemented them beacuse of technical/legal constrains or because the pretty much didn't care about our advice, but this is irrelevant.

As some one said earlier in this thread, major developers usually never put attion to feedback given by the users, so, despite of the sad outcome we all know now, I want to thank SH read these posts and reply, not everyone would have done that.

About the game, yes, we don't like know it is over and we will bitch about it and we don't really know how much did you tried to avoid this, but again, this is irrelevant. If this is a heartbreaking decision or it is just simple math, the result is the same, TG is over, something new will come, .

So, to wrap up, keep it up! Don't let the lessons learned in this venture go to waste and we will hopefully meet again in the future.

PS to all players: I too felt like "hey! But what about all the money I spent?" but hey, I still have my Magic:TG cards and I don't regret getting them, nor my NES, SNES, PlayStation 1 and 2, N64 and the whole bunch of titles for each platform, boardgames, etc. It is just the way it is.

Arena god Publish time 2015-8-14 05:37:52

Bitterness and ignorance ..... Hmmm this guy is supposed to be a mod or whatever and tells players who expresses their opinions they r ignorant ..... Hmm great job thumbs up to u bro for doin ur job wonderfully and treating other players well and with respect ..... Ignorant ..... Atleast I no I am not alone belzial and whatever ur name is other guy we can be the 3 stooges together .... A opinion differs from urs is ignorant lol lol lol lol  pitiful I'm in no way downing u guys for ur opinions but u can't resist doin it

s474n Publish time 2015-8-14 06:12:27

tokay replied at 2015-8-13 19:15 static/image/common/back.gif
Ours is not the first game in history to stop being supported after some time. It's not the  ...

Apologies if my post appeared negative Tokay, I guess I am just a little upset about the situation. I am sure there were things going on for you guys that we the players have no idea about, and as we only see what happens in-game and what is communicated here, there did not appear to be a lot of things happening that were being discussed here. Like you said people tend to focus on the negative, and that is definitely true. I would like to say that although I may appear to be focusing on the unfortunate situation we are in, I have enjoyed playing the gate and contributing in the community that has arisen from this game, so please take that as a positive thank you for your efforts in bringing it to us. I wish things had been different and that DeNA had actually managed to bring in a whole lot more players so things could have been more profitable for you guys and the rice counters were happy. I hope that one day the gate can rise from the ashes when you guys are no longer bound by the contractual agreements that seemed to cripple your success. Please consider keeping the gate idea and game mechanics as a foundation for any new releases that you have as it is certainly a winner as far as CCG games go. It would be nice if perhaps the royalty system could be applied to any titles that SH release as that would likely entice the players that have invested heavily to feel that it wasn't all for nothing. Thanks once again.

Arena god Publish time 2015-8-14 06:32:32

Now that is a great idea would make things much much much better for invested players

Belzial Publish time 2015-8-14 07:16:36

Arena god replied at 2015-8-13 21:37 static/image/common/back.gif
Bitterness and ignorance ..... Hmmm this guy is supposed to be a mod or whatever and tells players w ...

From google dictionary:
bitter: feeling or showing anger, hurt, or resentment because of bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment.
you:"So yes bel I am negative yes I am pissed yes I am upset just like many many others who spent a lot of money "recently" not mention how much countless hours and time we spent in last couple of months because we fill robbed and betrayed u "

ignorant: lacking knowledge or awareness in general ; discourteous or rude
you do have an ignorance of the reasons behind the decisions made, and the environment within Spicy Horse which created the current critical announcement, and the response you received months ago.
you are being discourteous, both to me (your high horse comment) and to Spicy Horse (calling them liars)

As I've said, nothing wrong at all with a different opinion to mine. But there is a difference between opinion, and an inaccurate/incomplete perception of reality.

I won't challenge your opinion that I'm awful, nor on the size of your balls, nor on what other people may wish to spend their money on.

Also, I think we've reached an impasse. *disappears in a cloud of awful green smoke*

Goddwyn Publish time 2015-8-14 07:17:38

I'm certainly no SH fanboi...but... I think a lot of people are missing a very large part of the whole issue..

Again, I'm just a player without any behind the scenes knowledge..but..

As I understand it new player acquisition / advertisement is under the control of the partner company.. Whom did put little effort into new player acquisition in the beginning..but eventually ceased..
Could SH have paid for advertisement themselves? I don't know, but even if they did all the games revenue would still have been split with the partner....

No matter how the game was improved nor new features implemented SH would not see much (if any) return on their investment.. While only receiving a % of each dollar The Gate makes they continue to pay 100% cost for development..
There would have to be a steady stream of new players pumping money into the game to overcome the costs of their (poor) partnership..

IMO....the partnership went bad for The Gate and SH.... The partner company could have done much more for The Gate but decided against it..

s474n Publish time 2015-8-14 08:02:03

There already appears to be less people playing... I got 3000 honor coins for playing free hope in arena when I would normally only get 2000. Sigh!
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