King_Belial Publish time 2015-8-13 01:44:46

Edited by King_Belial at 2015-8-12 18:52

Just  lower the costs of everything make isla mare easier, increase drop of materials.... that's all... i think this would make game fun to play... We all know where is this going, at least we could have some fun from it... As for the cards make them reset every 4hours, or delete all from shops and put monsters in arena shop, and equipment in isla mare shop or vice versa...
OOOOR at least some nice redeems everyday xD

Goddwyn Publish time 2015-8-13 04:07:39

Suggestions for the end:

**highest concern suggestion: Change the Arena & Isle Mare shop refresh to SC...or at the least greatly reduce the cost.. We deserve to be able to finish some of our units..being able to refresh the shops would be a great help..

Double Isle Mare rewards, x2 marestones and currency
Double Arena honor coin rewards
Lower WB HP (if the WB will happen afterwards)
Add unobtainable units/shards to the shops
Make raid only obtainable shards/materials farmable, possibly through the regular event island OR decrease guild raid difficulty / revert them back before the difficulty increase..making guild raiding viable to everyone AND increase the number of raid rewards

I'm not holding my breath for any of these...but some changes should be made in the name of player accessibility before SH is officially done with the game.
I would like to finish multiple units I've had in progress for some time, I'm certain others would as well.

Vecinuldedeasupra Publish time 2015-8-13 04:18:15

Edited by Vecinuldedeasupra at 2015-8-12 22:25

My requests are:
Double the hope that we can stack so we should not play every 5 hours.
Make the 40 hope bonus last 8 hours
Refresh of the island and arena boxes to happen every 4 hours and add all content in arena and island
Make world boss health 10 times smaller
Exchange the game gold curency with SC if there will not be any way to buy gold any more
increase the rewards for arena and add much more experience cards as rewards
Change that roiality can be upgraded with SC but not impossible, and everyone can have access to royal store at some point(where all never return stuff can be found)
Increase with 1000x the rewards of donating in guild or something to be possible to have guilds at max level at some point

s474n Publish time 2015-8-13 09:21:37

Aethelred42 replied at 2015-8-12 16:32 static/image/common/back.gif
Bring back free PvP at some point.


Yowzers Publish time 2015-8-13 09:42:18

All I want is all disciples, shards and equipment in shops. That means never return stuff too. Give us FA and Chary shards in shops and that way we will be able to buy them whenever they rotate in.  Damn this sucks.

s474n Publish time 2015-8-13 10:19:30

My suggestion would be add random (every single demon ever created) raid bosses that may or may not drop cards to the highest attacker.

garzos Publish time 2015-8-13 10:25:51

Edited by garzos at 2015-8-13 10:32

free shop refreshes with all demons in shop that way we can pick the demons we want
also no more hope or system to gain hope pots for free
100% UPGRADE for equipment so we no longer have to farm endlessly for mats
all guilds battles unlocked and bosses nerfed by 60% of their hp
store equipments that is bought 50/50 instead of 5/50

s474n Publish time 2015-8-13 11:01:15

one more suggestion... an option to lock cards so they cannot be sold or fed by mistake.

Webby Publish time 2015-8-13 11:13:51

Edited by Webby at 2015-8-14 16:52

To ensure a successful automated (dead) but self sustaining game that keeps the core players, be they end-gamers or mid-gamers, involved and possibly even spending money I would suggest the following:
Shops quite simply are key:

1: Clear the shops of junk only leave slots for Disciples/Equips/Faceshards

2: Standardise prices in both shops:  Disciples/Equips/ Face shards all 10k honour coin  & Isle Mare Faceshards 1800virago and change all Equips/ Disciples to 5k virago.

3: Add all cards (Disciples/equips/Faceshards) needed to both shops.

4: Return Soul coin award to higher level for WB. (Keeps everyone interested in hitting a big boss)

5: Either see 3 or improve drop-rate considerably of critical Face shards ie Charybdis/Fallen argeste. (Have mercy stop screwing the odd disciple)

6: Gold spending rewards permanent.(Not in SH hands but critical if anyone want to make money with no effort directed toward the game)

7: Permanent Aug material Island. (essential)

8: Recycling of old events (would be nice if can be done, not so important for end gamers, but for others and spending possibly)
9: Return Virago awards for reset runs in Islemare : (Simple to do/rewards the spenders/no longer a need to worry about a distance between Noobs and others, makes second run worth doing)

PS: Refresh button changing from gold: to staggered Soul coin amounts, is also a good thing    but...not essential and probably requires far too much programming or effort.

chrislancelot Publish time 2015-8-13 11:15:48

Hahahahaaha this thread is so funny....
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