CORREXTOR Publish time 2015-8-26 09:08:31

You know what gets me!!! Is having 168k+ Arena Coins but playing the 'WAIT GAME' to collect 50 shards!!! I don't find that exciting at all... I find that very frustrating that my GQ had been without a ring for over 2 months... Honestly, you guys are saying waiting for one equipment for 2+ months is exciting... But we don't know when they will shutdown the SERVER... Don't you think it will make sense to allow players to customize rather than waiting that long and miss out on finishing an equipment or disciple cause we have to wait on rotation and all... Anyway we'll see when the final patch comes out... Some of us would be excited to wait 2+ months to finish their equipment (hope the game won't shutdown by then) and some of us would say 'what the hell with the wait'

Belzial Publish time 2015-8-26 09:25:03

CORREXTOR replied at 2015-8-26 01:08 static/image/common/back.gif
You know what gets me!!! Is having 168k+ Arena Coins but playing the 'WAIT GAME' to collect 50 shard ...

I understand what you are saying. But if you didnt have the 168k, say you spent it, or you never reached that high, you still have to play the WAIT GAME as you put it, to save up enough to buy 50 shards.  The difference is rather than having 10 'win' moments where you get to make a purchase, you have more 'lose' moments where you see what you want and can't afford it, and then one big 'win' when you finally have the 100k or w/e to buy the piece. And that might take a lot of time in itself, since there are more equips than there are slots.

s474n Publish time 2015-8-27 11:54:04

LightPower replied at 2015-8-20 13:53 static/image/common/back.gif
Materials in hell forge drop in low numbers even on mondays. How about you increase the drops. We ha ...

bump for this suggestion... or even to make them drop more frequently whether its a double day or not after all they are all outdated equips now.

Loser99 Publish time 2015-8-30 06:36:34

Maybe it has already been mentioned, but maybe allowing for a reset of the PvP and Mare shops using soul coins instead of gold.  It would let all the players shop around for what they want a lot faster than waiting for 12 hours or spending 100g.

theCrazyKat Publish time 2015-9-7 19:46:49

I'm playing The Gate (on fb) for almost a year, on and off... (with some breaks)

It really disappoints me that they decided to stop supporting their most popular game. In my opinion this isn't a good marketing strategy. Why would they let go of the game that bought them the most players? Anyway, I've made a list with what I would like to see in game, if thats possible.

1. Replace the 40 hope given twice a day with the 50 hope bottles that we used to get. (since it's something they already have, I suppose it can easily be done) :loveliness:
2. Get rid of the common card shards. I doubt anyone will augment a feeder card. (I understand the R3 shards, those are ok, but why have R1 and R2 shards? )
3. Let us sell shards and other augment materials that we don't need.
4. Decrease the recharge time of hope and roods. If a super (or personal) boss with 100% card drop rate only lasts half and hour, how can I attack it if I have no rood? (unless I buy some)
5. At exchange cards option, please increase the drop rate of cards that we still need evolving. It's annoying to get twice, the same card that you already have max evolved.

Also if it's possible, they can implement a trading system?
At least inside a guild, where guild members can switch cards/items. It would be nice to help a fellow guild member, with a card, to maxim their evolve. For example I finished my King Purson, but I got 2 more extra cards, from exchange and summon. What am I supposed to do with them? Feed or sell? It's not worth it. I'd rather help out a friend. :)
For more details you can check this thread: Petition - Trade Gold / Cards /w friends

Thank you!

Killenat0r Publish time 2015-9-10 12:09:34

+1 for trading system!

diudiuz Publish time 2015-9-10 15:35:57

Sorry for saying this (yet again), but Trading system is never gonna happen. Even if Spicy Horse had the incentive to develop The Gate, theyt still wouldn't do it. TG was designed from the beginning to exclude any card-trading option, and you don't need to imagine far to see how such feature would trash the game completely.

On top of that, SH has already stated that they are NOT gonna implement any new (or non-planned) features or even fixes to The Gate that require designing, coding, testing, implementing, documenting and such things that they simply don't have resources to assing to a fading title. That was for you to read earlier in this very discussion thread.

What they could consider implementing are changes that don't require such resources extensively. My guesses and personal opinions for theCrazyKats suggestions are:
1. Plausible, but why?
2. Plausible, but I would prefer...
3. ...this kind of solution. But that would likely require coding etc, so not plausible.
4. Absolutely not needed, this would change the whole rhythm of the game.
5. Would be nice to see only the wanted things in the shops, but that's nearly impossible to implement. What if I want another Tefnut or Terasaur?

theCrazyKat Publish time 2015-9-10 22:52:57

Thanks for your feedback guys! :)

Killenat0r, if u like the idea, please sing 'the petition' (in the link I posted above)

To respond to your questions diudiuz :

1. I would like bottles of hope instead of hope, for several reasons: the bottle I can use when I want, to save it for later, use for a mission or an event; the bottle gives 10 more energy, and the reset time in my country is 3 in the morning (but that's personal :D )

2 and 3. Yes, selling them would be better, and I think it wouldn't be hard to code since we can already sell cards/items.

4. Maybe not the hope, but the boss rood recharge is really slow, 30 min for just one rood. When personal monsters with 100% chance of card only stay 30 min.

5. Well, just the Super Rare they already give. Like I said, if I already have a max evolved card it's a bit disappointing to get that card... twice, in a row.

diudiuz Publish time 2015-9-11 00:21:38

Its 3AM in here as well (Finland) but if I remember, I can grab the hope before 7AM as I wake for work. But it's the free 70 hope that everyone gets at reset that really discomforts me. It's downright unfair and gives a big advantage at events etc :(

Rood could definitely recharge faster. In Blood Brothers for example it is 15 mins (45m to full recharge).

theCrazyKat Publish time 2015-9-13 01:58:38

diudiuz replied at 2015-9-10 19:21 static/image/common/back.gif
Its 3AM in here as well (Finland) but if I remember, I can grab the hope before 7AM as I wake for wo ...

Yeah. I totally understand you. (since I'm in the same situation)
I actually go to sleep at 11 pm, then set and alarm clock to wake up at almost 3 am so I can use my full hope, then get the 'midnight' recharge of hope, consume that, and finally get the gift hope, which I use too. That's around 145 hope (depends on how much full energy u have). I agree, it's not fair, especially during an event. That's why the hope bottles would even up the situation. We can collect them daily and use them later in an event we like.
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