Yamahl16 Publish time 2013-1-27 23:35:50


if i start the launcher and then fill in my username and password it's always loggin in but it stays with the screen conecting and it stays so the whole time.   because of this problem i can't play this game

liltunechi514 Publish time 2013-1-28 13:45:03

i get it too :(

Garland Publish time 2013-1-31 17:34:09

Random advice: Try running as admin?

Neutron15 Publish time 2013-1-31 17:44:52

check your internet or your PC for problems  

Yamahl16 Publish time 2013-1-31 22:30:44

i have tried running it as admin . i still wont do anything and my pc and internet works fine  i have only troubles with game

DTBIncarnate Publish time 2013-1-31 22:54:08

You could try running in compatibility mode by right clicking the start icon for Akaneiro, click properties. and run in windows 98, xp, etc compatibility mode.

Hope it helps.

Yamahl16 Publish time 2013-2-3 02:24:34

will try thanks

Xaalz Publish time 2013-2-3 02:34:56

same problem for me, always loading screen then disconected from server, my internet work as well, and i didnt have troubles 2 days ago when i playd for first time. ill try this.

Yamahl16 Publish time 2013-2-16 17:40:11

didnt work  i still cant play this  its raging me

Garland Publish time 2013-2-16 18:05:51

Do you have the latest launcher?
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