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EV06 Red Army Guild member

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I find it childish that a member who only became higher rank than me was that he spoke russian and I didnt. I was amongst the top 10 first member of the guild when ifirewall was leader. I was rank 8 in guild finacial support and 8 in overall power. God forbid that I out bid him on an Auction, he kicks me from the guild with no warnings, nor remarks or nothing. This should not be allow. Is there anything that can be done since I have made much such a large contribute to this guild and helped in grow. Over a silly matter of out bidding someone.

Is there anything I Can do to get at least my investment or guild priveldges back
heres proof to when i joined the guild

1426731005zdxEeM Publish time 2015-9-9 23:59:38

Or you can say "screw them" and come join DragonLord Dubai :) I know your active and one of my two archfiends havent logged in for close to a month > . >

Fison Publish time 2015-9-19 16:18:27

Join DarkHeroes - not much Russian speaking going on but our Auction rules seem to be working ok :)
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